Sunday, May 19, 2013

February 21, 2013 - Market Vendor

For the record, I write this article pun feb 16th, before the Nation Poll, revised it on feb 20th, before elections to see how accurate i was in again predicting elections.My prediction was a BLP victory by no less than 19 seats and as much as 22. A lotta things I woulda like to say during de campaign but Market Vendor don’t want to get curse, cause if Chris call June Fowler a bald pooch cat, imagine what he woulda call de Vendor iffing I did cross swords wid he! Politics is a rough and nasty game,don’t mind all de talk bout running a decent campaign! Some observations though from 2013 that I would never understand;
Why did Fruendel not call elections right after he bury David and why call an election so late and in Lent, days after Valentine’s when Red is the opposition colour ?
If de Clico matter was a burning issue and 35,000 policy holders upset why go into a campaign widout some sort of solution?
And why pray tell would I be photographed wid Leroy at my meeting in a jovial mood and drinking wid me? I woulda tell Roy, buddy you is muh friend and ah not gine abandon you in dese times(he did say dat didn’t he?) but stand home, don’t come round my meetings, I don’t want to fight wid one hand tied behind my back!
Why on heaven’s name would I then curse June Fowler and call she “igrunt” and “a bald pooch cat” fuh de world to hear and then have muh own words come back to bite me in my pooch?
Anybody believe Chris was sorry when he apologized two nights later? Which performance you believe, de one when he curse she or when he say sorry?
How could a government give itself a FM broadcast licence during an election campaign? Didn’t they know dat was against the law and that all political broadcasting during an election season is regulated by de Electoral and Boundaries Commission and that the broadcasting of political meetings is not allowed? How come not a word from de Commission, not even a cease and desist letter? At least de Nation newspaper write a editorial bout it on the Sunday before elections,thank de lord fuh independent media!
Why didn’t de Nation publish the second Cadres poll last week when everybody wanted to know wha dat poll predict?
Did Noel Lynch say what Fruendel say he said bout him and if so why would you mek such a remark bout de gentleman, it matter wha he look like?
And also fuh Noel, why you went reopening issues bout who could become the deputy P.M, surely dat is a matter fuh Owen not you ?
Why if I wear Red I belong to de Bees and if I wear Yellow I belong to de Dems, why I can wear my clothes widout some fool branding me?
Why privatization is such a bad word, wunnah want me to support a government that prepared to tek my hard earned dollars to support incompetent government run corporations when we could let de private sector do de job, save millions of dollars and employ more people? Didn’t both of wunnah privatize nuff companies? Yuh want me to remind wunnah dat Heywoods sell, Cement plant sell, Savannah hotel sell, BNB get sell, BET get sell and dat nuff successful ventures bout here got in private sector/government partnerships?
Politicians tink we foolish but de message clear, perform or yuh gone through de eddoes!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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