Sunday, May 19, 2013

January 20, 2013 - Market Vendor

Sometimes yuh know de solution to a national problem but nobody to listen, yuh want to call “Down to Brasstacks” to get yuh message across, correct? I does feel dat way too, sometimes I find muself talking to self widout realizing dat is muself I venting pun! De economy is dire straits, tourism is we salvation, we tekking it serious? If Tourism is we lifeline why we only teach hospitality studies from tertiary level? Shouldn’t we be teaching dat from primary school? We does teach nuff useless subjects, why not one dat got to do wid survival? Which manifesto gine be bold and include hospitality studies from primary school? Why CXC don’t include hospitality studies, everybody except Trinidad and Guyana dat depending pun de tourists! A mini bus driver tell a friend he don’t have to worry bout tourism cause nuh tourists don’t get in he van! See de problem? De fella explain to de driver,”Yeah but all de hotel and restaurant workers who using yuh bus to get to work, widout dem yuh bus empty and you outa business!”
Women got hair extentions pun duh head and when it start to itch, dem can’t scratch cause it might undo de hairdo, dem patting duh head, beating it like a hammer pun a nail, weird behavior!
Big men wearing pants by de knees, can’t walk properly, able bodied men and women looking fit, just casually so, parking in handicapped parking spots, why we can’t pass laws to deal wid dis nonsense? Some big fines like de seatbelt laws would solve de problem, If we can’t fix de little things, how we gine fix de big ones?
Fuh weeks a pipe burst outside a nighbour’s house, calling Water Authority, nobody responding, water turning green, mosquitoes breeding, De Vendor apply clorine then decide one more time to call. After many attempts a nice sounding lady in de burst pipes division tek de information but on hearing we had called several times gave me another number to call because, get this, it was reported before! I seeing red but holding my cool ”Miss, shouldn’t you call and report the matter given that I am simply a public spirited person doing my duty but you are employed by BWA, shouldn’t you take it from there and call your colleagues?” I guess so she said! Not convinced dat call would be made anytime before 2015 I call a friend in the BWA who was on sick leave and in less than five hours a team come and fix de problem! If I had a leak pun my side, de bill would reflect that I responsible but de BWA could waste millions of gallons without sanction! Thanks JoyAnn Haigh fuh restoring lil faith!See if yuh could get dem ti fix de pothole duh left behind!
Daily reports abound bout unlicensed cars and motorcycles, why not have roadblocks wid Police checking registration and Insurance? We checking people who over de speed limit but no dragnet fuh brekking del law and endangering citizens? De motorcyclists don’t bother wid licence plates, dem got fancy gear but operating illegally and Police can’t fix de problem? Bikers wheeleeing and singing “what Police can do?” Time to show dem,Darwin!
A member of parliament use un-parliamentary language, apologise, get sanction, yet an allegation bout gun play in the precincts of de house yet to be decided upon due to a lack of quorum by those appointed to deal wid de matter, why a serious matter like this tekking so long to decide?
I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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