Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 18, 2013 - Market Vendor

St.Lucia Jazz and Arts festival is fuh de Vendor a must do event, dem getting better at it, sadly Bubbadus don’t have a clue bout a National Jazz Festival. People from all over de world, French accents, Trini, British, Vincie, Bajans was out in force, if wunnah don’t want people to know wunnah business, stay away from St.Lucia Jazz. Dis year de lineup was awesome, all my life I did want to see de Jacksons and though de fellas dance, sing and everything was technically correct something or somebody was missing, oh yeah, Michael! Saturday was a horse of a different colour, every band did excellent or outstanding! De Jazz bands, Akon had de women in a frenzy, lip syncing and all, de man is a boss entertainer! Sunday, my brother Ronald “Boo” Hinkson was finally pun de main stage wid some local folk musicians. And he show beyond a shadow of a doubt dat he is as good or better than any of de international musicians. He belong pun main stage and now dat he there dem got to keep he there, keep de Lucian flag flying muh brudder! Late Sunday a crowd of over 20,000 women rush close to de stage to feel weak in de knees from every word dat come from R.Kelly mout! I never ever see nothing so, it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know he come out fuh de ladies and dem fuh he! By de way, de women at Lucian Jazz and Arts was themselves works of art, in Bajan terms dem did look proper, even de madam had to agree wid me dat dem was too too sweet! My pick fuh de festival though was de O’Jays, de fellas sang and choreographed de hits and de mature crowd knew every song! My favourite was of course The Backstabbers “they smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place, the Backstabbers” wunnah know some people like dat? I do! Too many unfortunately! Everything at de St.Lucia Jazz wukking, hand it to the Lucians, government, people, dem take de Jazz to de people, all over de country free shows, de people in turn embrace the Jazz and de visitors! De transport does wuk like magic, step out yuh car and de courtesy bus waiting to drop yuh by de entrance to Pigeon island, step out de Jazz and de bus ready to tek back, security everywhere, systems wukking, people polite, food drink music in abundance and everytime main stage end a set, the emerging artiste stage kick in pun de other side.Every year I seeing improvements, dis year it was aircondition toilets though I hear a Lucian man say “eh, eh we have airconditioning but no water,” pleasing all de people not easy!
Speaking of toilets why it is alright fuh women to boldly come in de men’s toilets but if we enter theirs, 20 angry women screaming “murder! Call de Police.”
Everytime and I mean everytime I went into de men’s toilets at St.Lucia Jazz it was like a unisex party, women doing their thing, we doing ours, we shaking , dem brushing, fixing hair and makeup, waiting in line to use de cubicles, everybody cool, not a fella want to call de Police! I walk in one night and a lady say Hellooo! In a deep voice like Mia, I swear it was a pickup line, in de men’s toilet, but I din tekking nuh chances wid dah deep voice, yuh never know, yuh just never know dese days! Oui garcon!
I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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