Sunday, May 19, 2013

March 23, 2013 - Market Vendor

It is holy week, the most important week on the Christian calendar, in two days we gine observe de crucifiction and then on Easter Sunday de resurrection, we should really be filled wid holy thoughts and be doing good deeds but I still trying to understand how a Rasta family could squat pun Sagicor land up in Fort George and claim ownership of nearly 9 acres of land. I is only a simple Vendor but dis business of squattin and then refusing every effort to find a solution, refusing over $1.6 Millon as a settlement does just blow my mind! Yuh never buy land but by virtue of living pun it fuh nuf years you is now de owner! So if de Vendor work hard and buy piece of de rock another fella who never drive a stroke could acquire my land simply by living pun it undetected fuh 10 years, dat is de kind of situation that could lead to violence and prison, suppose I was living overseas and return after 12 years to find somebody pun my land, how de hell dat could be right or just? What is amazing is that dem could also erect illegal structures but if you or I want to add a lil room onto we house we got to find a architect, get drawings and then hope that Mr Cummins de Chief Town Planner and he people approve it! Is it dat we got two sets of rules bout here? If de Vendor erect a structure widout approval I would get cease and desist orders and iffing I don’t heed de warnings de government would eventually send bulldozers and knock them down so how come fuh 30 years dese brethren could just do as dem like? Did de Town Planning Department ever address the issue of dese illegal structures, what was de outcome? It cannot be right dat de rest ah we got to follow rules, mek sure de I’s and de T’s dotted, but some others could simply mek up dem own rules and get away with it! And IF, note I say IF, I accept some bogus theory dat a family can occupy my land and once undetected fuh 10 years dem got rights how can one family be entitled to nearly 9 acres of land? IF I could somehow accept de principle dat occupation is ownership after 10 years, surely dem should be entitled to de land fuh de houses they living in but not nearly 9 acres! How could one family occupy 9 acres? Most ah we lucky to live pun 6000 sq feet of land, how many of us could get one acre much less 9? And while we at it dem does pay de Treasury land tax fuh de 9 acres? And at de relevant rate fuh land that among de most sought after in Bubbadus? I really would like to hear answers to dese questions cause if we fortunate own piece of land we does get land tax bills and if yuh don’t pay government would eventually move in and sell de land! When all is said and done, dem robbing me of part of my assets as I got a few shares in Sagicor, not much, but a few nonetheless and I fairly irate that de value of my share which could be improved significantly if Sagicor had possession of and could develop de land fuh de benefit of de shareholders!
When I think bout dis matter I have to conclude dat de law is an ass!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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