Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Morning After

Budget 2013 was  like de “morning after”  you do foolishness, but yuh did enjoying de percolating, matters came to a exciting climax  but now yuh wake up and wonder, “oh blight (really it should be a word rhyming wid Kite) we like we pregnant!”
She puking, you calling de doctor and wunnah running to get de morning after pill! You know what wrong, you cause it in de first place, pelt precautions to de wind and now de doc and pharmacist explaining what got to be done in order to correct de s….te  dat yuh do, enter de morning after pill!
And one of de many pills I gine have to swallow is a new tax pun GROSS earnings, up to 2.5 per cent, whichin I am told is a temporary tax fuh 19 months! Well I still waiting fuh de temporary increase in VAT from 15 to 17.5 per cent to come off, dat was supposed to be for a fixed period too but I still waiting, I suspect Jesus gine come a second time before dat come off, sorry Chris yuh gine got to win back muh confidence before I gine believe wha I hearing!
 I see nuff state corporations getting cuts in government subsidies, including transport board losing $15M but I didn’t hear CBC mentioned, at least wid Transport we know dem does get poor people to work every day, what CBC does do? I suppose dese cuts don’t mean dat staff gine get send home,right?
Plenty spin but as Charles Tibbits, a tax expert say, wunnah still got things from 08 dat ain’t get implement, so I don’t get too excited when I hear bout dis plan and dat plan, I really interested in action but you and I know yuh got to soften the impact, beat a man wid a blunt piece of wood but wrap it up in a towel to soften the impact and reduce de swelling!
How is dis different from a devaluation, if I got less to spend and government got more of my money, how is dat better or different from devaluation? And don’t let we forget dat all de allowances and perks get tek away couple years ago!
But yuh coulda do some things dat would raise money and not hurt we, examples, what about parking meters in Bridgetown, we been hearing bout dat fuh years not a meter in sight, towing cars dat park illegally, charge $250.00 to get dem back, introduce personalized licence plates like de USA and U.K. duh got men wid big egos dat would pay big bucks to have dem! Invest in some speeding cameras, let de police look fuh real criminals, don’t tie up de courts wid traffic cases, use de ticket system and only go to court if yuh want to challenge!
Next thing I want some of de gurus, [I was going to say from Cave Hill but apparently up dey is all BLP people], to explain  how borrowing $200M U.S is going to improve my foreign reserves. In my backward way of thinking I should, if I want money go out and earn dat money, work hard, save and hopefully find a safe place fuh it to earn interest, not CLICO clearly! But in Government yuh borrow $200M, a Fiscal Policy Base loan from de IADB and bingo, de problem solve. Next time I broke, I gine into dat nice lady at Scotiabank Warrens and see if she foolish enough to lend me $100.000 so I can proclaim to de world dat I got plenty savings!
I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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