Saturday, August 17, 2013

what would you do?

There is a reality show pun TV dat does set up scenarios and pose de question what would you do and in this show de producers does create some interesting human situations and it is amazing how people does behave when face with having to mek an intervention or when faced wid a moral issue.
Fuh example, you see man threatening a woman or you find valuables dat someone forgot in a particular place would you intervene and stop de abuse or in de case of de valuables, tek dem up and say de lord doesn’t always come but he does send? Would I keep something dat is clearly not mine because I “found it” or hand it in to the authorities? I personally know of some great stories dat does keep my faith in de goodness of mankind but I equally know of some terrible stories of thiefing!
In London recently wid a family member went shopping pun Oxford st and in de first store she went in, left she handbag hanging pun de baby stroller, in less than five minutes it was gone! De thief never stop to think dat maybe he or she might be spoiling an entire vacation fuh somebody or causing pain and anguish to another human, thankfully de bag did not have in the money and only an old cell phone was lost.
Recently I had some experiences in a St.Lucia dat tell me what people would do, some good,some bad. Apparently on my last trip I left a piece of clothing in de apartment but I had mentioned to de cleaning lady dat I was coming back in August, she kept it safely fuh me,washed it and when I returned I found it neatly placed pun de bed! What a pleasant surprise, I would never have known what I did with dat piece of clothing but for an act of kindness from the cleaning lady!
Unfortunately there was another what would you do situation, on arrival and while checking in, I left my Iphone pun a chair in de reception and went to my apartment, shortly after I discovered de phone missing while going to de lobby to collect a rented car.A diligent search didn’t turn up Iphone so I went to deal wid de car rental, worried my phone was gone, while sitting wid de young man from the rental company in de car going through the operation of de vehicle, I heard de distinctive ring of “Big Ben” on my Iphone from somewhere in de car! Dat is my phone I shout out, de young man musta wee wee heself because I found my Iphone inside de cubby of de car and only one person could explain how it got there and it wasn’t me! What would you do if you found an Iphone dat was not yours in a hotel lobby,would you hand it in or keep it? De young man made a bad call and it resulted in his being fired! Why did he do it? He knew it belonged to somebody else yet he saw an opportunity and decided to tek something dat was not his, bad call!
Anyway I beg fuh he to get a second chance and de bossman reluctantly agree to suspend he fuh a week widout pay and reinstate him after he tek vacation, I hope de next time he come face to face wid a dilemma like dat, he do de right thing! What would you do if you thought you would not get caught?
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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