Sunday, September 8, 2013

the beat goes on

Recently I addressing my mind to de matter of violence and as much as I try it seem dat violence in  lots of things we doing, whichin causing me to tink dat we need to get below de surface and tek some serious action to eliminate violence from all walks of life.
I learn early in life dat if I do foolishness me mudder gine share licks, not dat it stop me but dat didn’t stop de beating neither, spare de rod and spoil de child? Heaven forbid! Sometimes siblings fight, next thing, beating time, “Ma is Market who do dat, he need a good beating!”
At school, can’t get de damn maths work out but de teacher gine beat me, how dat gine help me to get better, eh? In sports yuh learn quick to beat de enemy, you ever hear Starcom’s Paul Mayers saying dat Usain Bolt won de 100 by arriving first at de finish? No, he beat dem bad! Check Ronnie Clarke when Liverpool win an occasional football match yuh would tink dem beat Barcelona, Ronnie would never say dat Liverpool won yesterday’s match, no he gine say dem massacre de opposition, look, I like I prefer a beating! In the CPL cricket Bubbadus Tridents start strong, dem beat everybody, in de end is dem dat get beatup! Violence people, all over de place, first thing in de morning somebody want me to beat de eggs, wha de eggs do me dat I got to beat dem? Yuh can’t even say yuh does whip dem cause dat is just another way of beating, fry de eggs, dat is escalating de violence, boil dem? Lord have mercy! No wonder I can’t get de eggs to taste good, dem black and blue all over from de beating! In future prepare my eggs lovingly, no beating! Even in romance beating does come into play, see a chick, de mini she wearing start and end by she belly button, from behind she look like Jlo, she skin smooth like a paint job pun a new Nissan, she teet white like parboiled rice, wha happen? Yuh heart start to beat, faster and faster, even de body into dis beating, why my heart don’t smile, why beat? I understand de part when she father come out and catch me talking to he daughter and I beat a retreat!
Music, same ting, Peter Coppin lean over de fence between we two houses and pass de headphones, check da beat bossman! Dave Martins, Aubrey Choy and Boo Hinkson does try to educate de Vendor bout how much beats in de music, wha de hell dem talking bout? In TnT my boy Jus Jase insist dat men and women too does beat pan, why dem beating it,why not just play de pan? Why we got to beat de rain, wha de rain do to get beat, I understand beating de tax man, after all he does rinse out we backside every time, especially nowadays, even in de kitchen I see dem beating de meat? Why yuh beating de meat? No wonder it taste like cardboard, it tense up! De dog poopsie in de wrong place, he  gine get beat,dat mek sense? He gine want to poopsie again! Wherever yuh turn it is  beating, David Cameron get beat in de commons last week, did he need an ambulance? Men does claim dat dem beat some liquor las nigh or beat de cat whatever dat mean! African snails beating me, bills beating, no killing me, dese days even my head phones into beating, my favourite pair name, you guessed it, Beats!
I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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