Saturday, November 23, 2013

Essential Service

A friend SENT DIS ONE, Market, recently a man went fuh a checkup, after de test results come back he ask  de Doc, how I doing, doc say not bad fuh a fella your age, ( de fella is 71)  a little concerned bout de statement, he ask “so yuh tink I could mek it to 85?”
De doc ask “do you smoke tobacco, drink beer wine or hard liquor.”
Oh, not too much grog dese days, I don’t smoke and I certainly don’t do drugs neither.
“ what bout rib eye steaks, pork chops, liver cutters pudding and souse and other fatty foods?”
Not much de fella replied, my last doctor tell me dat a lot red meat gine harden my arteries, so no, hardly.
Next question “you does spend nuff time in de sun, playing golf, tennis, yachting, hiking or bicycling?”
No I don’t, de fella reply.
“Wha bout fast cars gambling and plenty sex?”
Not at all, de fella reply!
Then says de doc, “what de hell yuh want to live to be 85 for?”

Well as long as I was living it seem to me dat we been facing challenges getting round de Caribbean, at one time it was two ships de Canadian government give to the region when we had a Federation, de Federal Palm and Federal Maple and traveling round de region meant spending a night at sea and waking up next morning in Trinidad or wherever yuh  going.
I went pun dem as a boy a few times but I had a very reliable form of transporation to get to Trinidad fuh vacations, Tony Selby father, Uncle Bertie Selby used to let de Vendor sign on as a deck hand pun he schooner de Cyril. E. Smith, I would spend de better part of de two days hanging over de side, vomiting muh guts out, arriving in Trinidad, properly cleansed, a few pounds lighter, ready to tackle some hops bread, crab and callaloo, curry duck and some other wild meat, when vacation over, back pun uncle Bertie boat, another cleanse on de way back up ready to face school de next term.

Dese days they tell me it could tek de same two days to go by air to Trinidad because of problems at LIAT, de comrade vex and fed up wid LIAT and another Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerritt in Dominica want regional leaders to declare LIAT an essential service.
De boys and girls wukking fuk LIAT got problems, LIAT can’t hold a CEO fuh more than a couple of years, even de chairman Jean Holder did resign and dem beg he to hold on. LIAT got not one but nuff  Unions to negotiate agreements wid, dat got to be tough.

Capt Brunton did not stick around long but he at least got de new planes as part of de reorganization of LIAT before he fire de wuk, to dis day we don’t know why he gone.

Now the P.M. of Dominica want LIAT to be an essential service, Sir, LIAT is essential, try going into your country, or St.Lucia Grenada St.Vincent without LIAT and show me how yuh gine get it done?

But if essential service mean dat de pilots cannot strike when vex and upset, yuh really tink dat de Vendor gine want to be pun a plane being flown by an unhappy angry and upset pilot?
Brother Skerritt, not Market Vendor, not gine into Melville Hall through dem misty mountains,not me and no disgruntled pilot, you could fly by yuself wid an unhappy pilot and hostess!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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