Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Darendra Darsammy

Another trip overseas fun de West indies cricket team, same hopes and expectations
now it is time for the post mortem when we dissect de carcass and look fun de reason.
the cricket pathologists will have their say pun de latest tragedy, 
if it wasn’t so bad it would be a comedy! 
but how can you laugh and mek mock sport, when yuh really want to cry, dat is a bad joke.
what has happened to the great fighting spirit of yore, is it gone and never to come back no more?
A fella in India said we came for the celebration and we brought gifts,
cud dear at least when yuh go to a party yuh does eat and drink too
 but we like we was the entertainment and de crab and de callaloo!

dey say de captain is de one to blame
el capitan is de one who lose de game
and as leader he must hold de shame

to lose in India a test and one day series too
must be a major disappointment and let down fuh true
and while el capitan must face de cameras and explain
wha bout de rest, yuh know de other ten men in de team
den does eat de same breakfast lunch and i sure dinner
so how come crappo smoke we pipe when we need a winner

West Indies batting just like nut brittle
before yuh look it crack snap and fizzle

a fan say de reason why they can’t occupy de crease
is de spicy indian food they eat and need to release

did we fellas really eat roti Bajee and dhal
or did they serve food dat was not Halal

de fan may have a point, take Chanderpaul for example
it is home cooking fuh he and so he batting was ample

dis India tour turn out to be a disaster
now everybody covering de sores with plaster

was it de preparation, did they have enough time?
before they went to Mumbai and India cut they behind?

or could it jet lag, you know the long plane ride over
a trip like dat would tek de Vendor a week to recover

perhaps it was de sight of so many pretty indian lasses
dat had we holding blows and leaving with empty glasses

de series was really a farewell show for de little batting master
at all cost the indians would avoid disaster 
Tendulkar the great would celebrate and salivate
while Windies would be left to meditate and contemplate 

from every experience they say you must learn
something to take away and to discern

what lessons do we take away
so we can come and win another day

fuh me de Vendor i think it is all in de name,
if British Leyland had called de Jaguar a pussy cat
you know anybody who woulda want to drive dat?

my proposal is dat we keep the captain as de same
but create a new image, same man, but a new name

just like music a fella might be born wid a regular name 
but be called Bono, in that there is no shame

so instead of we captain to India being called Darren Sammy

i proposing we be led by a fella named darendra Darsammy!

I market vendor gone fun now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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