Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two weeks in a row we had big news from government....

Two weeks in a row we had big news from government, Chris under pressure wid no confidence, pull a master stroke and announce that not one but two Sandals brands coming to Bubbadus and at de stroke of a pen he do what de Bees didn’t do fuh years, get Butch Stewart to finally put up de Sandals brands in Bubbadus, In golfing terms dat was a hole in one, an eagle shot dat men like Tiger Woods and James Johnson (sorry bout de company James) does play.
And just a few days later another big announcement, de much delayed Four Seasons project will be sold and new owners gine get de project going.
Another Eagle shot, straight down de fairway from Chris, wuh loos two Sandals and a Four Seasons to boot?
And at de end of de past week we get news bout how de deal get seal wid Sandals, talk bout sweet, it got in so much sweetness I liable to get diabetes!
Twenty five years tax holiday and when dat done another 15 years paying only 50 per cent of de taxes, apparently everything Sandals wanted, Sandals got, no taxes of any kind, no duties of any kind, no VAT of any kind fuh 25 years and then another 15 years at half sweetness. Nuh duties pun food, beverages, nothing at all!
De Vendor want a job at Sandals, I want a motor car duty free, preferably a Range Rover so I could help drive de rich and de famous bout de place. I got a weakness fuh sweetness.
Understand me carefully, de economy in a tailspin, people calling fuh action, businesses closing left and right, spending down ,Xmas might get postpone, what is a minister of Finance to do? He must become a minister of large-ants, not fine-ones, so he pull out de stops and yes he pelt everything at it cause he know dat if he land Butch, he do wha de rest did not do and he tek de heat off he back.
A man got to do what a man got to do!
 I feel sorry fuh Couples resort, dem just open what was Casaurina and just a few weeks after de opening come de closing, dese days things brown in relationships and couples breaking up, just like de resort.
And before de criticism come, I want to say dat Chris set de bar real high and I believe dat he want dis thing to work so rather than call Brass Tacks every day and be a armchair expert pun everything under de sun, I planning fuh action.
My plan simple, we need to get Bubbadus moving again, I see Bizzy got he own electric company in Warrens and he gine be traveling wid a Leaf, watch he carefully Shelly, I only hope it is a plantain leaf and not a cheery!
So my plan, we forming a new resort at home and gine ask Chris fuh de same benefits as Sandals,40 years tax free, I looking fuh investors, Bizzy, Sir COW, my friend Dennis, (he like to fly bellowed radar) Peter Harris, Aubrey Choy and assorted other entrepreneurs, we gine create an instant resort, Slippers!
Slippers can be up an running like tomorrow, we gine grab all de properties dat got up fuh sale and fuh rent signs pun de West Coast, enter a lease agreement wid de owners and populate them under a banner called Slippers Resorts! Parent company, Really Intimate People,RIP!
We want de same deal as Sandals!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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