Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And the Award Goes To...........

Today it’s a brand new year wid new hopes and challenges but before we get too far I looking back at a year dat was rough and tough and some of de people who stood out.
My Man of De Year was definitely Pope Francis, he tek de world by storm, reaching out to de ordinary man, engaging young people and shaking up de Vatican.
On de other hand my Idiot Of De Year award is de old American war veteran who went to North Korea because he wanted to bring closure and revisit a place where he had fought a war over 50 years ago. Who de hell goes back to a place where people died, in any event surely yuh woulda go to de south, not de north when a young madman running things!
Denis Rodman deserves some kind of award though it hard to determine what is suitable fuh a man who does go to North Korea to be the friend of a murdering despotic leader, probably Madman Of The Year, I hope he tek note of wha Kim do to he own uncle.
In Bubbadus de Cool Cat of De Year Award belong to P.M.Fruendel Stuart, he don’t get ruffled bout nothing at all, I wonder if when he alone he does cuss under he breath, de man ain’t worried at all.
De Prettiest Politician of de year award goes to Ester Byer Suckoo and we know who getting de Bald Pouch Cat of de year award!
My friend Peter Wickham had to hold de What The Hell Just Happen Here award fuh de 2013 elections and de Comeback Kid Award goes to de Dems fuh winning what everybody but dem thought was a sure win fuh de BLP.
Man of De Century award goes to de late Nelson Mandela, 26 years in prison, in hard labour, he could not be broken and rose from de ashes to change his country and the world, truly I am blessed to have lived in his time.
My Man For All Seasons award gine to Minister of Trade Donville Inniss, he beginning to sound like a Prime Minister in waiting!
The Cannot Keep a Good Woman Down award goes to Mia Amor Mottley, rising from defeat to once again captain team BLP.
De Best Political Advertisement of de election campaign was de old girl and de bus fare story and De Best New Political Tactic for 2013 by far Mia Mottley’s Rubbing Shoulders campaign.
De Biggest Boo Boo award for the year gine to de folks dat implement Obama Care, what a cockup!
My Artist of the year award is Rihanna, a young Bubbajan woman who defied de odds to become de biggest star in entertainment!
 New Artist Of De Year award, Tessanne Chin of Jamaica, winner of NBC’s The Voice competition.
De Worst Corporate Board award? West Indies cricket board, wunnah ask an eminent West Indian and former P.M. P.J. Patterson to lead a team of experts and report back on how to fix in West Indies cricket and years, after bare excuses fuh failing to implement de recommendations.
I was looking fuh an award fuh de West Indies cricket team but I suspect my editor would not print de one I want to give so I leaving it to wunnah imagination, as fuh de board, alittle story that might br relevant to wunnah, there was a street character years ago in Bridgetown named Beansley, mad as hell, he used to run around shouting “when a man head bad the whole body bad!”
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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