Saturday, January 11, 2014

random thoughts

New year, new resolutions, same outcome, same problems facing we!
I trying hard not to think too much bout matters of state but only of estate. And dis week I want to ask some questions that might be pun de mind but not de lips!
Fuh example, how does Chris Sinckler wake up and face each day, does he feel bright and bubbly when he wake up or feel like someone suck the very energy outa he and mek he de face of pain? Does he feel unloved? Alone pun de deck? How he does face each day knowing dat nothing seem to be working and he getting blame while others ducking? Does he feel like a villain or a movie star?
Forget Chris fuh a minute or two, de girls dat does sell sex round de Garrison Savannah, do they have boyfriends and do they do it for pleasure sometimes? If so, is it different from when dem get paid to do it? Do they go home after a night at work to a partner and moan bout having a hard night at work? Lie down and cuddle with a loved one?
And if dem got partners, wha dese partners does be thinking when dem get dress to go to work? What do you say when them leaving, hope you have a nice night at work honey and don’t work too hard? Remember to bring home de bacon?
Minister of health John Boyce, de man wid de golden voice want to know where retired Dean of the Medical Faculty of de UWI, Professor Henry Fraser get he information bout severe shortages at the Q.E.H? Fur real Johnny? Where you think a man who spend he whole life at the Q.E.H. and UWI medical faculty would get information? The first test in the Rotary four way test is, “is it the truth” I notice Johnny dat you did not challenge Prof pun truthfulness!
Government don’t have money to buy basic necessities fuh de hospital where in heaven’s name we gine get half a billion plus to build a new one? Winning de New York Mega Millions Lottery?
Why we don’t finish de David Thompson Polyclinic which tekking years to complete before we start a more expensive one?
Which planet de leadership of de public workers union living pun wid de proposals to solve what a member of the upper house called de “physical deficit?” More taxation, collecting outstanding VAT and so on, and could Miss Redman explain how cutting salaries in de private sector gine help government, surely dat gine mean less revenue from taxation and other deductions fuh government?
Next, can airline pilots who may be having personal issues call into work and say I not coming in because I got “personal problems?” Can I be excused from work for the next three months?
Wha bout Priests, can they cancel Mass because of personal problems? Can Fruendel driver call Ilaro court and say “tell de skipper I got personal probems and I not driving he  fuh de next few weeks?”
Can a CEO abandon ship at de height of de busiest season and not return to work for a long time because of “personal problems?”
How then is it that a West Indian batsman can fail to join the team fuh a tour because of personal problems and two other players abandon a tour when de team tottering and go home because of personal problems? What personal problems dem got? Somebody dead, somebody getting horn?
Time to stop mekking sport and play sports!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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