Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almonds and nuts!

Last week things happening left right and centre, time to put some order in place. I trying hard to find out who or what are de two political germs dat minister Sinckler claim attaching demselves to Ms Mottley and dat dese germs did try to attach to he but I guess he had he vaccine and fully inoculated against germs. Nobody I ask can enlighten me bout dese two germs!
Next, I thought we did done wid taxes and dat everybody agreed we ain’t got nothing else to tax so what now is dis bout a CESS of 22 cents pun gasoline?  Call it a cess, levy,  municipal tax, whatever, it is a tax pun poor people who might soon have to put down de car a ride a jackass cart! De only cess I know bout is a cell pool, dis tax might be appropriately named!
Minister Jones want we to be Jonesing, percolating and procreating becausing we need more people bout here, bout 325,000, If we multiply will government climax de effort and offer some hard incentives to people who getting children and offer free university tuition as well or will they then withdraw at an inappropriate time? I hope it retroactive cause I father four and would like de incentives too! Will cabinet play its part, do it fuh de Nation?
Since we short pun people why not send out an SOS to de Guyanese dat get send home, I starting wid a request pun Cupid show on VOB, dedicated to all de Guyanese who get send back to GT, the song is “baby come back!”
De P.M. say he did not say during the campaign dat civil servants would not be laid off, somebody been misleading we because I didn’t hear a rebuttal from journalists nor politicians, he got me wondering cause I woulda put my hand pun a bible dat somebody during de campaign last year did give dat assurance, in de absence of impirical evidence I guess I was wrong.
In rebuttal to Sir COW who said dat cement in St.Vincent, produced in Bubbadus does sell fuh $13 EC LESS per bag than what we paying, de Arawaks say dem does use Purchasing Power Parity rather than official exchange rates, huh? What de hell is purchasing power parity, sound more like a parody to me, it produce bout here why we  paying $13EC more than Vincies ?
In de estimates debate de Doc say he put people before conscience, a man has to do what a man has to do!
Finally I real confuse bout dis Sandals/Beaches resorts, I thought it was a done deal, signed sealed and delivered dat Butch was coming to town with not one but two Sandals brands now I getting mixed messages, Bernie mekking it clear dat he would like a long run with de Almond brand, every chance he get he mekking de point dat he want Almond to continue and now a British tour rep calling fuh we to keep Almond and forget Beaches, so my question is this, are we going with Beaches or not? Yuh can’t have de minister saying one thing and de operator of de government owned hotel saying something else, both can’t be right, tell de public once and for all, can we expect Beaches resort or not? Dem not reading from de same hymn book!
If de brand so valuable how come Neal & Massey shut it down? And we pay $6M fuh de brand name? I notice my friend Ralph Talyor ain’t unpicking de teeth!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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