Thursday, April 24, 2014

no shortage of Jackasses

De following three statements caught my eye recently; “don’t worry Vibes, we gine still play yuh music,” “ you can’t find work, you can’t find money, but you can find guns and  drugs” and “ that is the most ridiculous proposition I have ever heard that he (Kartel) should be given authority to record while in custody, the person was not convicted to do music, he was convicted to do hard labour!”
Who made those statements? 1.A DJ pun a popular radio station in Bubbadus, 2 Supreme Court judge in Bubbadus, 3. Tom Tavares –Finson noted attorney at law, Jamaica, defence counsel in de Kartel murder case.
When I hear de DJ mek de statement following Vibyz conviction of killing a man I ask if something wrong wid me or wid he, to dis day not a fella got a problem wid dat remark and then we gine ask, “how de youts get so?” What message we sending to young impressionable minds when we do dat?
When I read Tavares –Finson remarks, I had read it again, Tom is de defence lawyer, he is also a politician and former MP fuh de JLP, he know de ropes so when he mek dat statement de Vendor say all is not lost! He further said in clear and unambiguous terms “he (Vybz) has no intention of recording while in custody,” seems to me somebody understand dat murdering another human is not a joke, a man lose he life based on a directive from Kartel to put out his lights!
Justice Randal Worrell hit de nail pun de head, how come you can’t find work nor money but you can FIND drugs and guns? These drugs does just get left anywhere by benevolent drug lords to allow a yout to mek a living? Market, a friend say, I can’t find a girlfriend and dey got so many women bout here, but I can FIND a gun? Wha going on? Is true, where dem does FIND dese guns, thoughtful gun owners does just leave a few around the place to be found? We got a long road to travel, one fella in Jamaica feel Vibyz get a raw deal as many a killer pun de road and nothing don’t happen to dem and nuff youts does look up to Vybz as Jamaica’s Michael Jackson and if UWI didn’t see something in him they wouldn’t have called him there to lecture! Lawd Jesus, come fuh yuh word!
Another brethren feel de case should get try over because he feel dem “pressure him.”
In other less exciting but important news, battle lines shaping up pun whether to have  Beaches resort in St.Peter or as Bernie would like, keep Almond brand. Bizzy mek he position pelucidly clear, (dat is clear) Mark Maloney pelt he hat in de ring supporting Bizzy for Beaches, Mark mek de point dat in all he ever do, he strive fuh excellence, de record there fuh anybody to see, pun de racetrack or board room, Mark Maloney is a man who does not settle for second position and neither does Butch Stewart and Beaches. Just check wha Mark doing at Bushy Park race track and see wha he mean, dem building something to mek we de envy of de region!
Alex Mcdonald, private sector agency head say he want to hear more bout Bernie plan! De Vendor got a solution, I greedy! Let we get both, build Beaches as planned and lease Bernie some government beachfront land in St.Lucy to develop Almond, win win! True?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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