Friday, June 13, 2014

neither here nor there!

Hair, some got it and want to cut it, others got none and want some, some got lil bit and does comb it to de side to mek it look like a full head of hair, you and i does know dat iffing a strong wind come it gine raise up jus like a roof in a hurricane but dem still combing it to de side. Den yuh got de fellas dat got some hair but shaving it to like  like Vin Diesel, another set does get de toupee, cause dem bald but don't like de look,dis thing called hair is something else!
Somehow we never satisfied wid de hair we got, de one dat blond want it coloured to look brown or black, de one dat brown and black want to be blond, de ones dat curly want it straight hair and de straight hair people want curly hair, i just don't get it, what de ras going on?
A girl hair long and yuh could run yuh hands straight through it and do other things wid it during percolation,next thing she gone by Valerie salon in Prior park and tell Val, "I tired wid dis long hair, it does keep me too hot,cut it off and mek it short," hear Val, you sure,cause when i  cut it off i can't put it back and it gone tek years to grow back , yes, yes i sure,cut it short short!
Next day at de said same Valerie salon, a girl wid short hair come,hear she, Val, just trim off de split ends, i want to grow my hair long, meanwhile under de hair dryer yuh got one woman wid straight hair getting de curls put in and two hours later one who hair curly and does look real sweet,especially when she just come out de shower (don't ask me how i know,dat is my business) she coming to get hers straighten, same day, same salon and same stylist,Valerie, these ladies want highlights in de hair, we really never happy wid de hair, feel when we wake up,before we even brush we teeth,we des look in de mirror and look and de hair and we never happy! Dat is why dem does put mirrors in front of face basins!
We does spend five minutes in de shower but three hours pun de hair, we got to use de gel and de sprays and de mousse! de hair natural but de ladies using de hot iron, pressing it like it is a pants, it short, dem got de extensions to mek it long, dem bald but de wigs in vogue,nuh worries!
Early mooring you pun Browne beach, nuff people holding a sea bath including de ladies and them heads wrap in plastic caps like a Johnson and Redman sandwich loaf!
But de one dat does get me is de ladies in de supermarket or de stores, de hair pretty, long and colourful, but it clearly itching and because dem don't want to undo de hairdo, dem patting it like a carpenter hammering a stubborn nail into greenheart wood! Ladies, when it itching and yuh can't wash it, my stylist tell me de solution is some alcohol to stop de itching!
i hear(no pun intended) dat de popular choice in hair called Remy, dey say it come from people in India, Vietnam and other places, some come off dead people but they buying and renting de Remy, i hear as much as $300 fun three days! Dat could be true? Fuh you dat might be neither hair nor there but yuh see dis Vendor, i smell a business opportunity, i think i going into de "rent a head" business, i gine need a partner, preferably a hair stylist, you interested Val?
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I Market Vendor gone fun now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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