Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ri Ri and Bowe!

So Barack Obama do a deal to get back de only American prisoner of war from de Taliban in Afganistan, a good thing correct? Well dat depends pun whether you is a Republican or a Democrat, a former prisoner of war yourself, due for re-election this year or looking to run fun de presidency in 2016, whether you belong to de same army company he was in and think dat he is a deserter or whether you is CNN and looking fun a story to beat to death or FOX where if yuh name Obama, yuh damned if yuh do and yuh damned if yuh don't!
It not simple at all, the idea dat dis man held in captivity for five years should be brought home even if it means releasing five Taliban from Guantanamo base to de fellas in Qatar or as de Americans does call it Cutter, no,no,no dat don't fly in dese political days.
De family happy, he home town happy but de media smell some blood and like hounds dem pun de scent,morning noon and night, trial by TV and before de fella even recover and have de opportunity to explain heself, he get tried,convicted and sentenced  by TV journalists!
But supposing, just supposing he did dead in Taliban hands and de news did subsequently get leak out dat Obama had a chance to bring home Bowe, lord Jesus, i could hear de said same Sen McCain bawling dat dis was an American soldier, left to rot in de hands of the enemy when the government could have interceded and gotten him home,you think it easy!
 But he ain't dead so McCain speaking out de otherside of he mout dese days! Plenty time to find out what really happen when Bowe left he station dat night, fuh now,bring home de boy, send some drones to CUTTER and tek out de five Talibans, just like how wunnah tek out Osama, it can't be dat difficult especially since dem walking bout and being monitored by de government in CUTTER!
And then there is de Bajan bomb shell Rihanna, not just a super star hit maker but a fashion icon!
Oh loss though dat "dress" got people bawling fun murder! One woman asked  how many men out there would take out their girl in public dressed like dat and how many parents would allow their daughter to leave home in something similar?
De question kind of irrelevant cause de only woman i ever see in such a dress is Rihanna and if she was my girl,which is also highly unlikely, den you seriously think i could tell she, wait, where you fine like dat, you could NOT be gone out wid me dress like dat? I could just hear she response"well sweet boy i guess you gone stand home and watch TV cause i gone!"
Also irrelevant as it relate to any of my daughters, it would never happen cause somebody would be in de casualty wid a break foot, so yes i got double standards, but then i don't buy de records from ITiunes, i don't help she to sell more music than Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklyn, The Boss or Jayzee and Beyonce combined!
If Rihanna had to depend pun Bajans to buy she music she could not afford to buy two fish cakes and a salt bread fun de Vendor so i know my place, i understand who she market and audience is and i know dat to keep ahead of de pack she gone got to keep pushing de envelope, plus she look good as Brassbowl!
I more interested in de 216,000 hand glued Swarovski crystals dat glued onto de "dress" ah hear it cost over half a million dollars, a piece of genius in marketing and P.R, she grab headlines all over de world and fuh a few days America had something else to talk bout other than de released American soldier! i just want to know how long she wear de dress, wha happen if yuh want to wee wee,surely somebody would have to assist as she "assume de position!"
Alright, back to boredom and Sgt Bowe or whatever de hell he name and whether he is a hero or deserter, so tell me, why do we bother to have investigations and court hearing, we should abolish de courts and just let CNN, FOX and MSNBC determine guilt or otherwise on all matters!
I Market Vendor  gone fun now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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