Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rihanna Botsy!

Rihanna, music juggernaut, selling more music than Beyonce and Jayzee combined, more than "The Boss" more than the chairman of the board,Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and nuff more, this gorgeous 26 year old, body tighter than de Sheriff going round Bushy Park bends,she done it again!
Ah could hear de holier than thou, self righteous, fornicating Bubbajans, rasholing at every turn declaring how she gone too far dis time!
Dem that didn't buy two songs out of de 150 million plus she sell, dem dat don't go to she concerts and support she, dem dat does watch buff worthlessness pun de blue channels, dem gine want to pray fuh she and baptise she in de waters of hypocrisy, "could dear she lack broughtupsy, she ain't come from nowhere,wha yuh expect" like if dem hypocrites born and bred "somewhere," it is not where yuh from but what yuh mek of yuhself and she certainly mek it to de top of de mountain!
But to de matter at hand, de "dress" i prefer costume, was awesome, it deliver de knockout punch she did looking for and live up to de award of a fashion icon!She did look so sweet even a fella wife say to me wha Market, i straight but i woulda date she!
please note ladies, she did not wear dat dress to de after party,dat dress was fun de cameras and de TV and de on line and off line newspapers, de front page of de Nation, dat dress was de attention getter and dat body was honed to purr-fection.
ladies, those of you tipping de scales like de Vendor at double or triple X or higher, there are dresses for you, in which you can look and feel good, just NOT this one, so don't go confusing Pauline and Betty Bellamy and insist dat you want one of dem see thru dresses like wha Rihanna di wearing, cause if yuh do, you can sure to hear plenty "oh rashole" but believe me it fine be shock,not de type of shock dat is a compliment cause it fine be followed by plenty more expletives! tek my foolish advice, left dah dress where you see it, like plastic wrap pun Rihanna botsy, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WEAR A DRESS LIKE DAT TO CROPOVER!
Next ting,wunnah remember flight MH370, how night after night like my friend Stetson Babb wunnah was speeding up de highway, picking up de snacks along de way and jumping in bed wid de madam to watch dat good looking fella Anderson Cooper and de team at CNN expound pun dis and dat theory? How wunnah use to be calling me at all hours of de day and night aid all de conspiracy theories and bout aliens and such? So what happen, no more rushing home and looked into CNN all hours of de day and night, where de plane? I know, i know, another 7 day wonder.
Anyway, dis vendor is not a superstitious person but yuh see me i sure i see dat car number pun a pretty lady number plate bout here, i know cause i was checking she out, not de other way around!
Fuh de non Babajans we different, we car number does start wid de first letter of de parish yuh live in, St.Michael is M, St George is G and so on, except where another parish got de same letter at de start like Peter or Philip,then yuh does start wid de next letter, and de licensing authority does den add another letter starting at de top of de ABC and change it every so many thousands so yes there is a car in Bubbadus carrying de licence plate MH370.
And while i not suspicious as ah said, just one pun de safe side and so dat beautiful young lady and she car don't disappear, causing CNN, BBC,NBC and God forbid Fox from coming down here investigating and giving we bad media coverage, i want de Licencing Authority to RETIRE de number MH370!
I Market vendor gone fun now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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