Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bussa,half friend, half beast

Bussa to you might be the statue at the emancipation roundabout in Haggatt Hall but to me he was was one of the most loved dogs i ever own, he was a pure bred Rottweiler, well built, muscular, to outsiders he was a bad ass dog, to me and my family he was a protector and like his name sake he cherished freedom though unlike his namesake he never revolted.This beast  was trained by O'neale Layne, a top class trainer who offered to train him to respond to commands issues in german, no thanks, i told O'neale, i can barely speak english forget de german cause next thing yuh know i think i giving a command to lie down and i mix it up and tell de beast to attack!
At night in Hythe Gardens i use to leave de two big french doors wide open,fall asleep in front de TV, me and de madam and at one o'clock we now closing up,never a worry cause Bussa was on guard.
They had some bad boys who use to come down a track above my property, but from de time den get alongside my property and de dog smell them he use to be trying to scale de fence to eat mankind and see dem bad boys, changing to de opposite side of de road and walking,sometimes running fast to clear de area, hear a fella "cor blime, dah dog big as brass bowl and and he real brass bowl cruel yuh," respect from de brethren!
De dog use to walk pun de road,next to me with a leash, and would respond to hand signal, huh talking, real obedient, he was a joy to have around.My middle daughter Alana use to sometimes get on he back like he was a horse and yet he was gentle as a lamb wid she, cause she was family.Like all good Rotts, he was a perimeter dog and would beat a path back and forth, up and down along de fence.My son Bobby had a friend named Martin, Martin lives in New York but went to school at de greatest secondary school in Bubbadus,Presentation College and was friends wid my son.Martin was one of dese fearless teenagers, not afraid of a fella and was reputed to have put de fear of God on many a man in Brooklyn who dared to challenge or disrespect my boy, a real fearless individual or so i thought!
One time Martin come home and decided to pay a visit to de house to check pun my son Bobby, Bussa was pun de loose and it was my job to put up de dog when Martin arrive, of course i expected dat de man would blow de car horn and alert me dat he was outside but knowing Martin as well as i did i should have known better.De man arrive and instead of calling out decide he gine open de gate and just walk in.Hearing de car pull i decided to go and put up de beast and as i went outside all i saw was  120 pounds of Rottweiler leaping at de gate,crashing into it and in de process along severing Martin hand which had come over de gate to unlatch it.Martin say he fealt de breath of de beast and manage to pull back he band before 120 pounds of pressure could lock down pun he muscles!De man went from a dark shade of coffee to white like granulated sugar and refuse to come into de property until i locked away de dog! It was de night Martin came close to having a spiritual encounter with de almighty! dat was a man's dog, Bussa lived for a number of years, transferring into Fort George heights where he maintained his supremacy until he succumbed one night while we were away to the cancer dat had taken over his body!
Another name dat i retired, Bussa, big black and beautiful, my protector and best friend,Bussa, the Rottweiler!
I Market vendor gone fun now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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