Monday, July 7, 2014

Massa or Massy?

Hurricane Arthur this past week went up de eastern seaboard of de USA but somehow Bubbadus evaded or avoided Hurricane Arthur, thank God fuh dat!And de big storm brewing bout hey got to do wid de latest tax government bringing, municipal waste tax, people bawling fuh blue murder, i guess free laptops and iPads can only go so far! De Vendor's mind does work is in a logical fashion so here goes. De Minister of finance is reported to have said that he will consider relief fuh those persons who could show they can't afford to pay the tax.You must first pay the tax then appeal the tax!
If i am appealing because i can't pay de tax in de first place, how can i pay it and then appeal,clearly if i could pay it then there is no need to appeal? Is it me or am i missing something here?
Next thing people frothing at the mouth because the Trinidad owners of many businesses in Bubbadus rebranding the various companies with their new brand and logo and Bajans vex! Huh? NOW wunnah vex? Too late fuh dat, the people own the businesses,lock stock and barrel, they can call it MASSY, MASSY FERGUSSON or even MASSA, it belong to them, when i buy my house it had one name pun de papers, i change it, it name Buchanan, that is my choice.If Bajans was so concerned bout these matters then they should have rejected offers from the Trinis and not sell, so this is only a lot of gas people letting off and as a vendor it mek sense to me to bring all my brands under one recognisable banner, like i said, it belong to them, they can call it whatever they want!
item 3, de HOTT sponsored event Outrageous In Red was apparently outrageous indeed but fuh de wrong reasons, the Trini big names failed to perform and de promoter blaming the absence on de poor turnout,outrageous indeed!
To me dat is a breach of contract, you advertise an event, i paid my money and you failed to deliver through no fault of mine, did the advert say dat provided we get over x amount of people Destra gine perform? Time fuh this foolishness to stop bout here, before undertaking an event yuh should be able to meet de costs,win lose or drawn,nothing in de promotions business is guaranteed,except yuh guaranteed to lose yuh credibility when yuh fail to deliver,there is a time to just shut up and say sorry and this was one of those times.If i was Starcom, i would be livid that my good brand getting associated with a fiasco!
Finally Bushy Park Inc, de Vendor is a big fan of de new venue, world class but something went wrong dis weekend when only a couple thousand people turn up fuh de most popular sport in Bubbadus. i hear it is because of the inability of de patrons to bring in coolers and food, another theory is dat there is a feud between one racing club and the operators of Bushy Park Inc, i don't know de facts but something was definitely missing on sunday and not even a lil D.J.shouting jump and wave, bend down and pooch back and let de bumper roll or do de 6.30 or scream, de place was like Westbury cemetery after the last rites, quiet and sombre!
back to de drawing board fella,remember cricket world cup 2007, mek a lil adjustment and bring back de crowds!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear!


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