Sunday, July 27, 2014


When yuh live long enough yuh does learn plenty things, fuh example i now know dat political parties got "souls!" Accoridng to former P.M. Owen Arthur de BLP has lost its soul so he gine long bout he business and resigning after 43 years leaving a poor Vendor to ponder pun many things but like de song say, there are more questions than answers and today i looking fuh answers!
question; what exactly was de soul of de BLP, can somebody define dat fuh me, how do you get this soul, through baptism and in losing it does dat mean dat de body dat is de BLP has sinned and is therefore in need of confession and some penance and absolution? Yuh see, if de party did Catholic i woulda suggest confession at St.Patrick's Cathedral and then some "our fathers and hail marys" but i not sure what persuasion dis party dat loss it soul is.
If Owen Seymour Arthur was still de leader would de BLP have a soul? Yuh got to mek out de case and so far Owen nobody i talking to seems to know wha soul you talking bout!
I tried drinking couple "Extra Olds" in de hope dat de spirits would enhance my thinking and cognitive attributes but they only succeeded in meking me drunk!
But a bright idea emerged so i decided to seek guidance through prayer from de patron saint of Owen's constituency and prayed to St.Peter, after all if anyone can help me find clarity it would be Peter cause it is of him dat de Lord said i gine build my church upon dis rock.But i getting mixed signals, i hearing passages and trying to contextualise them," a house devided against itself cannot stand," " let he who is without sin cast de first stone, " "as the father sent me so am i sending you," de Vendor getting more confused and can't read Peter's bowling so again i reflected and pondered pun things.
De general secretary of de DLP, de Hon Minister of International Trade Donville Inniss say dat Owen leaving de BLP was like a tsunami for de party so i check next de book of Apocalypse "very soon now, i shall be with you again,bringing the reward to be given to every man according to what he deserves.I am the Alpha and the Omega,the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
Now i think i seeing de light lil better and de way i see it, everybody gine get what he or she deserve, lawd have mercy! But i lil worried bout de last part, i am de first and de last, de beginning and de end!
Another voice ringing out in my head,  "for whom de bell tolls, it tolls for you" not me, not Market please, let dat bell toll fuh Donville, Richard, John, George, Denis, Fruendel and dem, give all politicians their just rewards, don't hold back Peter, let them have whatever them truly deserve and if it is a tsunami then so be it!
After all de prayers, all de spirits and reflections i still can't understand where de soul of de BLP was lost, was it lost in de Gems of Barbados project, de ABC highway expansion, Kensington Oval and Cricket World Cup, Greenland landfill, de Al Barack building, Flyover project, where?
And de next question, will de DLP lose its soul pun de 60 % increase in water rates, de increase in land taxes, VAT, de removal of allowances, de 3000 layoffs, the 17.5% VAT or de latest money grab de Municipal Solid Waste tax? Will Owen remain an independent or will he soon be MIA! Missing In Action!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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