Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Mob

In de old days of de bad boys in the USA, mention the word Mafia or The Mob and shivers would down de spine of mankind, dem fellas had their own rules and would run neighbourhoods like Hamas does run Gaza and would execute orders and people, if required.
Dese days when yuh hear bout a mob, yuh does still run fuh cover or to de bathroom because as defined in de dictionary it is a large group of people generally out to create mayhem and havoc and to be violent and unlawful, in other words, the Mob is usually up to no good.
But when for example people gather at the Prime Minister's house Ilaro Court to eat fish cakes and celebrate Independence, de newspapers de next day never say dat a mob of people were at Ilaro court, although if dem did only see how much fish cakes Al Gilkes and de Vendor eat they would conclude dat a mob had devoured a "mob o ton" of fish cakes!
A few years back i attended an official  function hosted by the P.M. of Antigua and Barbuda fuh visitors to the island and along with de overseas guests, several well know females of the P.M.'s constituency were also there! Most were potential candidates for the the Big and Beautiful show, qualifying at least for the BIG part! When de food came out dese ladies surrounding the circular buffet table and it was as if they had locked arms to prevent any breaches, yuh could not get a peep into the food and when they stepped away it was as if locusts had descended and wiped out the harvest!Was it a mob or a "mob o ton" of women? I not sure, i only know i had to beg de hotel kitchen to serve me some leftovers so i wouldn't die of starvation.
Last week scores of somewhat angry former Transport board workers turned up at de Weymouth headquarters demanding their severance and other pay due to them which they said was never paid,despite promises and after several months,bringing hardship to them and families.They were articulate and assertive, no one was arrested for causing ruction or disobeying Police orders, was that a Mob trying to bring down or embarrass government or suffering workers hard done by the system?
A few weeks ago, somewhere between 3500 and 5000 citizens wearing white at the invitation of the leader of the opposition Mia Amor Mottley marched from Parliament to the P.M.'s office on Bay street, again, no violence, nothing looted, no property damaged or destroyed! Was that a Mob or thousands of citizens marching against a solid waste tax they felt was unjust?
A government gorriliphant addressing the party faithful is reported to have described that gathering as  a mob and while i may disagree with the gentleman, it is his right as it is mine, to call it as he sees it!
I wonder what he would call 15,000 screaming fans at the Mecca the saturday night when the Tridents were up against the Amazon Warriors in de CPL? Nuff Guyanese, dem did surely look like a mob to me, de problem is, i was in de mob so maybe i am now a mobster!
Last week, one man, Al Barack, owed over $70 million by government descended on the building in Warrens dat people does call de Al Barack building, put padlocks pun de doors and kept out a "mob o ton" of government workers fuh hours as he demanded his money be handed over!
Hours later after interventions and promises he relented and removed de padlocks! De blame fuh dis fiasco cannot be only fuh dis government, to be fair, they inherited de problem from de last government, fair is fair!
BUT, i want to ask the highly respected and honourable gentleman who called Miss Mottley's thousands a mob, can one man be a mob? Is Mr Barack in your opinion also a mob or simply a mobster?
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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