Saturday, August 9, 2014

Your seat is safe Sir!

Wunnah ever notice how important a seat is to mankind? Somehow when i go to church pun a sunday,which is more often than not,i does end up sitting in de same pew,sunday after sunday and if fuh some reason it full i like i offset, de thing is, it seems dat other people got de same approach cause when i look round de church, people does be in de same seats sunday after sunday, except fuh de clothes dem wearing yuh might think dat dem never left de church cause dem in exactly de same position you left dem in de last sunday. I never sit at de front of de church cause i don't want Monsignor to see me and somehow get put off he message while preaching!
At dinner wid people nobody does rush fuh de head of de table, cause dem know de bill coming to de person sitting there, at weddings seating is special and where somebody sit somehow mean something special, fuh example de people dat close to be bride or groom does be upfront, so does dat mean dat de people in de back not important too? Why is de wedding party always upfront and never in de back? I hear a lady complaining, imagine where dem put me to sit down, way in de back close to de door like i ain't nobody! Yuh would think she didn't get invite to de wedding, she missing de point if yuh ask de Vendor!
Restaurants too, some folks want a seat by de ocean, some want it in de A.C. others want to be close to de door, yet others want de seat in a quiet place,yuh can't please everyone, people does call ahead and book special seats,fuh real.
In school de bright boys does be upfront while fellas like de Vendor and Harry Roberts in de back!
When Mac Fingall pun de stage only de brave does head fuh de front row,de rest does head to de back, in de board room somehow a particular chair does get set aside fuh de chairperson, pun de airplane everybody want a special seat,if it ain't de aisle it is de window or de exit, some people want to be upfront (i guess in case food gine run out them want to be assured dat den getting fed) even in business class people does got special needs bout seating,yuh would think dat somehow parts of de plane does arrive at different times! LIAT is a special case, passengers does be hustling to get pun board and dem does walk down de aisle like dem looking fuh special clues on where treasure buried before selecting a seat!
Dese days while de rest of de world dealing wid matters like ISIL in Iraq, missiles and killings in Gaza and Isreal, Russia annexing Crimea and de shooting down of a plane wid 298 souls pun it, kidnapping of hundreds of innocent girls by terrorists in Nigeria and a worldwide health alert bout Ebola in West Africa,we in Bubbadus got more serious matters to deal with every day, one in particular, where does Mr.Owen S Arthur sit in parliament and what are de implications of his sitting pun de same front benches as de government! We got lawyers and former parliamentarians weighing in pun dis heavy subject and columnists in de papers and statements from spokesmen and women, dis is heavy and serious stuff people!
As fuh de Vendor i really could not care less whether Mr Arthur sits in a mahogany chair hand  crafted by master joiner Teddy Kirton of Culloden road, a plastic chair from Do It Best Hardware, a leather recliner from Standard Distributers or a portable folding chair from Pricemart!
Personally i think de records will show dat Mr.Arthur had a seat allocated to him fuh generations, somebody must have foreseen things to come, dat seat is located in de parish of St.Thomas and is called simply Arthur Seat! check it out!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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