Thursday, September 18, 2014


We living in an age where everything is instant and fast, fast cars, fast ladies,fast food, fast communication,fast cricket(who would have thought it?) everything fast and everything is now fuh now. We living in a 24 hour T.V. news environment where answers come immediately and if de answers don't come, de T.V. people gine find them, it good in some ways but not always.
Fuh example that lil matter wid JayZ and de sister in law in de elevator, we see de right cross and drop kick from Solange every hour fuh days and weeks and all of a sudden,without de facts, de media  come to all kinds of conclusions leading up to suggestions that Queen B and de big man was heading fuh splitsville! And only when queen B went pun stage fuh a big award two weeks ago and sing bout she beloved, only then people start to realise dat no breakup was on de cards fuh de super couple! And after all, you know and i know dat every family does got problems,food don't get cook sometimes fuh mankind nor clothes wash and couples does pass one another fuh weeks like cars pun a highway wid Jersey barriers separating! Now rumours abound that Queen B pregnant again and all de lotta talk and speculation die down, de first family of music in tack but fuh a while there it was splitville according to trial by TV.
Then de Michael Browne death by a police officer's gun, people rioting fuh justice but de TV people done work out de case and dem know who guilty! I could not believe muh eyes when i saw pun CNN one night the news network playing a recording from someone who came forward saying they had unintentionally recorded the shooting,  the intro to the news item when it was played over and over again was"CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the recording but here it is!"
What happen to verifying the facts before putting it into the public domain? If i cannot confirm such a critical piece of evidence why would i use it, and use it over and over, another case of trial by TV.
Another amazing example is de Oscar Pistorius murder trial, while de judge was STILL READING  her verdict and had not yet concluded, there was CNN again with "Breaking News" declaring that he had been found NOT guilty of murder! De judge ain't done but CNN reach a conclusion, trial by TV again.
These days yuh only need some of the facts,not all and before yuh know it, yuh either guilty or not guilty by TV courts, why we does bother wid de court systems when we got news networks like FOX dat can tell yuh who guilty based only pun part of the story!
According to FOX the American economy in trouble, de deficit has not been cleared, Obama didn't get Osama, America is not producing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month and de President mek a big mistake by not putting American boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.
Trial by TV dese days is de new way of determining the truth,not de law courts!
Personaly, i believe dat de police officer shoot Michael Browne while he hands was up, i also believe Solange was guilty of domestic violence pun JayZ( is that possible with an in law?) and despite all de crocodile tears i believe dat Oscar Pistorious guilty as sin!
If you hear a noise in yuh house and believe dat somebody break in yuh home, you and de girlfriend sleeping in de same bed,you gine just jump up and start shooting, surely yuh would first wakeup  de girlfriend and tell she" you hear dat noise,somebody in we house, hand me de gun and you go and see who it is!"
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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