Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Barbados is a paradise, blessed beyond measure, the world around us may be battered and bruised but we consumed with CBC’s decision to end Days Of Our Lives!
Whatever shall we do come 6.p.m daily, listen to David Ellis and his six thirty? Perish the thought for these are the days of our lives.
Over five thousand people turn up at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre for a Sandals job fair, people jostling waiting in the sun, security called in, one of the best spinners in the government front line said it was an indication of Bajans realization that tourism is the way to go, not desperate people laid out of work, not even Sunil Narine the West indies magical spinner could have delivered such a ball but these are the days of our lives.
An ebola isolation unit has been set up, with four beds I hear, bravo for being proactive yet people ask did yuh have to set it up next door to a school wid 600 students ? Folks, these are the days of our lives.
De Vendor concerned about our ability to handle ebola, look somebody fooling somebody but I am neither the fooler nor the foolee, cause the official word was that there were 40 confirmed cases of what is now called chickV, but I know at least 20 people with it and all my friends also know many more and doctors tell me they see hundreds every week so why can’t we come clean, if we can’t handle chickV how will we handle ebola? These are certainly the days of our lives!
honestly people, if you hear dat we got a suspected case of ebola bout here, you know that Collymore Rock and Martindale’s road gine be like a ghost town, every manjack scattering fuh de hills, for these are the days of our lives!
Minibus men crying out loud, they claim the courts are unfair and they are being made to pay to large fines, thousands of dollars, yet daily they disobey the law, shouldn’t it dawn on them that if they followed the rules they would never ever face the magistrate? How come a man with 80 plus convictions still has a driver’s licence, these are certainly the days of our lives!
They say big up people, politicians and others own mini buses, is that true, are these just the days of our lives?
We now pay a municipal solid waste tax but people complaining garbage piling up, yuh get fool if yuh really believe dat de tax was fuh solid waste,wake up man, these are the days of our lives!
A convicted felon in the USA land a big job as CEO of the Barbados Cricket Association, now embarrassment all over de BCA face, this too will pass, for these are the days of our lives.
A bigup say we don’t manufacture anything yet I went to a 50 th anniversary celebration fuh Oran Ltd last weekend and a 25th fuh Sheraton centre, de Oran brand is supreme here and elsewhere, dem mek we proud in a barren land, thanks to de Orans, in these the days of our lives.
They say dat Trinidad own bubbadus and while Massey may sound like massa to some, I still see we got Banks, Mount Gay, Foursquare, Goddards, Sagicor, Oran,Williams Industries, little Good Harbour and Atlantis,C.O.Williams,Chefette,CGI,Equity,SOL,Simpson Motors Courtesy,Preconco and Rotherley,Jada, Innotech and Promotech and Barbados Today, Champers, Fortress and Cave Shepherd, Cin Cin and more that belong to we in these the days of our lives!

I Market Vendor gone to watch de last of days of our lives, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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