Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Many times in life I get outsmart by people, thiefs and ole crooks who pretended to be friends only to put a knife of deception in muh back, that is life and yuh should learn from yuh mistakes. One of my dearest friends, my sister Rachel Manley once tell me that I trusted people too easily and I live to see dat exactly what she was warning me about came to pass, so forgive de Vendor iffing yuh find me a little naïve at times, dat is my nature but while I born big I not exactly foolish and over de years I develop a healthy dose of skepticism and as yuh grown older yuh does probe more.
 Tek two cricketing matters dat come to de fore recently, Barbados Today broke a story about the new Barbados Cricket Association CEO being a convicted felon in the USA who had been sentenced to many years of community service, yet somehow he ended up as CEO of the BCA, talk bout a black eye, dat was two black eyes and all teeth knock out, how could this have happened, how in this technology age where yuh could google a man and discover any and everything bout de man dat apparently de BCA didn’t have de goods bout de new CEO before appointing him? I would hate to think there was an alternative and to be kind I, like thousands of others have to assume they didn’t know!
How could this sorry mess have occurred? It must be most embarrassing fuh de President and de Board of the BCA. And even though de performance of West Indian cricketers does leave a lot to be desired at least yuh felt dat de administration had dem act together, not so? Is there more in de mortar than de pestle?
Next thing, like de “big cat” Clive Lloyd I see conspiracy written all over two umpires calling Sunil Narine a “chucker or pelter” all of a sudden, just before a big series in India!
Sunil Narine is de mystery man of spinners in cricket and dat all of a sudden he gine get call and de West Indies have to withdraw him from de team smell like conspiracy to me!
Narine and others get examine and scrutinize by all de latest technology and pass, he playing cricket all over de world, at every level for a few years now and suddenly out of de blue he get called as a chucker? And as one writer say, are yuh telling we dat de naked eye can see better than de technology? I don’t believe a word wunnah saying, Narine get target, somebody somewhere frighten fuh he and wanted he pun de sidelines fuh dis Indian tour, it must be devastating fuh de young man, I only hope it don’t shake he confidence, it certainly gine disrupt he bank account!
I feel yuh cannot have it both ways, either we using technology or not!
We West Indians need to open we mouth and talk, we need to speak up before we get taken advantage of by the conspirators!
I hope  my sister Rachel recognize de Vendor now does question things and look fuh de hidden agenda and I also know de day I set my eyes pun de fella dat went to Presentation College wid me and who thief thousand of dollars of my hard earned money, when dat day come I am likely to introduce him to religion and maybe become like de BCA CEO a convicted felon!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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