Wednesday, October 1, 2014


When I first heard de news, I say somebody spreading wicked, malicious and malignant rumours again, it can’t be true dat one of de best run and richest departments in government cannot pay people their pensions, dat cannot be so, they lie, not de N.I.S. not dem, maybe refunds of VAT and income tax from de BRA but not N.I.S!
But den de story all over de media, social and traditional, de pride of Bubbadus, de N.I.S indeed have a problem and worse dem cannot fix it fuh three weeks! And to compound de problem pensioners, old and young at heart, will not be receiving money until de problem get sort out!
De N.I.S asking de public to be understanding and to bear wid dem fuh three weeks.
Three weeks before people receive money dat due in September, what is mankind suppose to do fuh three weeks, suck salt or just suck?
Isn’t there a master list wid people names dat yuh know who due what and can’t some temporary arrangements be put in place to help out pensioners? Yuh know, a manual system?
What kind of hardware problem wunnah got, is it de kind of hardware that could be fixed at Carters, Marshall Trading or H &B Hardware stores? What kind of hardware malfunction could that be and how it happen?
Wunnah got gremlins in there, termites or rats and did any of dem bite up or eat de hardware? Was it an attack from ISIS? Wunnah don’t have software that could solve de hardware problem? In this day and age, wunnah don’t have what de fellas does call redundancy and backup, both on and off site?
Didn’t wunnah spend millions upon millions of dollars pun a state of de art computer system? Did somebody hack in to it and compromise de N.I.S?
De Vendor went to N.I.S last week, dressed smartly and colour coordinated in a classy pair of Ralph Lauren Shorts and matching Izod shirt, smelling like a cologne factory, nice Crocs matching de rest of the outfit only to be greeted by a sign dat yuh cannot do business at N.I.S. if yuh wearing shorts! What kind of colonial mentality tekking over government departments dat yuh can’t conduct business wearing shorts! If a lady come in wearing a mini will she be sent out? What about de fellas dat wearing long pants but all they butt and underwear expose? No, they are allowed to do business!
Perhaps if N.I.S. was spending more time worrying bout hardware and less about what I wear they might not be in dis sorry mess!
So what are pensioners suppose to do, go to Carlton and A1 supermarket and at checkout tell Joyce Bynoe, “mistress I gine come back in 3 weeks when I get muh pension and settle up, ok?”
 Suppose yuh got a car loan from Globe or Signia, yuh really tink dat Mr Davis or Mr Ashby gine fall fuh, “fellas I know I lil late but bear wid muh fuh three weeks?”
 Yuh tink de Vendor could tell Mark Linehan at Digicel “Marky boy, I ain’t get muh pension yet so hold dat bill till next month for muh?”
Saturday is pudding and souse day, de Vendor head up by Ester Young collect de product but tell she I gine see yuh in 3 weeks?
Suppose I want to sample something special from Lawrence Worrell new place in Rendevouz, what I suppose to do, eat now and pay later?
Wha  bout child support or alimony payments, a fella might have bailiffs looking fuh he!

I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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