Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Independence Barbados

 I was wondering what to write bout fuh independence and decided dat I gine talk bout some of my favourite places wid a heavy emphasis pun food!
We does say dat Bubbadus is an expensive place and dat to eat out yuh need a syndicate to pay de bill, not true at all, today I gine share some of my secret places but ah begging wunnah do not overrun de place.
Country house café on Dayrell’s road got a table wid my name pun it, breakfast or lunch could be had fuh under $13 -$20 de food and company sweet fuh days, Mike, Melissa, Heather and a crazy Irish girl (not you Fiona) who shall remain nameless does mek de experience worth it. Saturday morning dat is my hangout for sure, round de corner just off de same street is a longtime favourite, Shakers, never had a bad meal there yet and de fish is my specialty, under $30 fuh dinner, every tourist seem to know bout Shakers.
Harry Roberts introduce me to Eric’s Place 3rd Ave Whitehall, de Ox tail and Cou Cou on Wednesday is $15.00, after dat meal ethnic fatigue does set in fast!
Thursdays is a ritual, head to Martins bay and between de food and sitting by de ocean de only thing better is de price, i usually have to carry home half my food fuh de next day!
Pun de west coast, off Highway 2A is Chris’s place, I only get there once so far but another winner.
Pudding n Souse is a Saturday right of passage in Bubbadus and fuh de Vendor it is Esther Young in Parkinson field, leftovers to be fried up fuh Sunday morning after Mass.
A new favourite is de Red Dragon food truck behind Scotiabank in Warrens, eat fuh under $20 but be careful, de owner Thomas Harris is a comedian, so mek sure to laugh at he jokes!
Ice cream is one of my favourite deserts and there is none better than the local flavours of Rtic ice cream off de ABC highway in the Montrose Shopping Plaza, Water Street but please DO NOT order Nutmeg nor Soursop, dem two belong to de Vendor, hands down, de best ice cream deal on planet earth.
When it come to fine dining I have two dat top my list, Champers cannot be beaten fuh quality, quantity, location nor price and Cin Cin fuh lunch is a steal fuh an awesome west coast experience, though dem always offering to valet park my car but de bus I does travel in can’t fit in de car park!
Three others also pun my top list, Tides and Nishi’s in Holetown and Lemon Grass in Limegrove, value fuh money and memories to take away, Bajan excellence, my favourite dining spots.
A footnote, I only had takeout sofar but Lawrence Worrell’s place in Rendevouz producing amazing food too!
Finally a Bajan story of friendliness beyond imagination. Two weeks ago, friends Ian and Sarah Cox from Canada had a tyre blowout near Flower Forest, a taxi driver Willie Greenidge stopped to assist. Realizing they had no communication, Willie GAVE them a NEW Digicel prepaid phone for an emergency call and told them to keep the phone in case they needed to make other calls and return it to him at the Crane whenever they were finished! Apparently he has other new phones for similar purposes ! I wonder if Digicel CEO Mark Linehan hired him as some sort of secret ambassador! I don’t know him but willie Greenidge is a Bajan treasure and for me makes this weekend a happy Independence!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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