Sunday, January 4, 2015

Till de cows come home

Shadow Minster of de Environment, newly engaged Senator Wilfred Abrahams recently said if de real Minister of de Environment could not solve de garbage problem he should do de honourable thing and resign in favour of someone who can make things happen,  given dat de Shadow Minister just made a bold move in getting engaged could he be talking bout himself ? The Shadow Minister show he is a man of action, not just talk!
Clearly stung by a big B or is it Bee, de Minister said people demanding he resign “don’t have any power over my appointment, so they can call from now till the cows come home.”
De Minister could be interpreted as saying dat folks like Senator Abrahams cannot dis-appoint him though if you agree wid de Senator, de question arises, then who can dis-appoint de Minister, when last I check dat privilege resides wid de Right Hon Prime Minister.
 In mekking de statement “till de cows come home” I was wondering a few things. When yuh use dat metaphor “till de cows come home” de implication is dat whatever action yuh looking for gine take a long long time, apparently cows does tek a long time to come home, one interpretation could be dat de Minister is saying dat de person who got de power to “diss” or dis-appoint him gine take a very long time before making such a decision, so long as to render dat decision of no real value, therefore I am not worried bout wunnah!
Another interpretation could be dat de Minister know where true power lies and having been assured by dat person dat it is well with my soul, de minister is confident he can speak of “till de cows come home” and using another metaphor, wunnah, “the empty vessels, can make noise,” cause no one is listening!
Years ago in reference to a kaiso man who used to paint de government with “Chalkdust” (mixing my metaphors) de great leader of Trinidad and Tobago and father of the nation (no, not you Patrick Manning) Dr.Eric Williams said, “let de jackass bray!” (again, not you Patrick).
Metaphors are sweet, you can say things bout people, describing them as something they clearly are not, yet using de characteristics of dat something to identify de person, a man who is a black sheep in a family may not be black and definitely is not a sheep though he may be sheepish but like de black sheep is so different from de rest of de family dat like de said black sheep does stay away from de flock, (family) keeping to himself.
But back to Minister and Shadow, the Senator has “a beef” with minister who he must feel has “brought his pigs to fine market,” I would stake (or steak) my reputation pun dat! Minister feels he has done his best and wants his “pound of flesh,” we de public, having been promised de best garbage collection on de planet given we paying a special garbage tax, are of de view dat “the chickens have come home to roost,” the garbage mounting up, we feel “something fishy” going on, we also smell “red herrings,” hence the goodly Senator will “milk” de issue for all its worth, dat is his job, so minister mustn’t get too “tied up in his knickers!” Using a Bajan metaphor he should know dat “every weanable calf must know mash from water” though I think he getting “hot under de collar” because as Trinis say, he get “boil down like Bajee!” Metaphorically speaking, I DWD, done wid dat!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?



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