Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome 2015

New Year resolutions as you should know by now don’t work, most of dem get broken before January end but we does mek them just in case we able to turn over a new page.
Lose some weight, eat healthier, exercise more, work harder, save, save, we all know the drill, new year, new rules we does proclaim and in a few weeks it is de same old, same old. But I feeling good bout 2015,don’t ask me why, it is just a feeling though sometimes feelings does be way off base.
Tek de time I had feelings fuh a certain girl, I was sure she had feelings fuh me too but when I mek my move she ask whatever gave you dat feeling! I did feel real foolish cause I clearly had de wrong feeling but in spite of dat not so singular experience, I got feelings fuh 2015!
Tek de budget fuh example, I feel dat Chris gine have to ease we cause right now we constipated wid tax and need an enema so he can’t possibly be bringing more tax!
And I feeling dat de promised review of de solid waste tax gine be just dat, a review but it ain’t gine nowhere, just like de garbage dat pile up and which de tax was supposed to be for.
De tourist season gine be good but come summer we gine suck salt looking fuh tourists, every year is de same ting, we need to find a way to mek Bubbadus a year round destination, we got de same season all year, sunny and warm, I got a feeling dat unless we get people coming here outa de so called winter season nothing gine change!
Standards and Poor Rackey hit we wid plenty downgrades and Moodys is now de moody blues fuh we, I got a feeling dem ain’t done wid we yet, my feeling is dat we should see how many more downgrades possible so we could brace fuh de fall, it is only a feeling but like de hit song say this year, ah feeling ah feeling!
On, I not feeling ah feeling at all, we gine get rinse out by South Africa, dem don’t have nuh feeling fuh we at all, all now we board must be having bad feelings over de $40M. U.S. to pay de Indians.
We hearing bout a reshuffle in de cabinet but my feeling is dat we gine only be playing musical chairs.
But pun de positive side, I feel dat 2015 gine see some good things happening, Sandals gine be kicking, when de test match come Bubbadus gine be awash with de English at de Mecca, we gine beat de Chick V ting, the B.U.T.gine leave Broomes alone, Mia gine lead a UBLP, united BLP, Owen gine become de elder statesman of Bubbadus,we gine legalise de herb, we gine recycle more and send less to de landfill, Barack Obama gine continue to transform America, America and Cuba gine begin to let bygones be bygones, I just got a feeling bout 2015 dat it gine be positive!
But as yuh know, I had feelings before and dem feelings was way off base so if I wrong, 2015 gine be year of turmoil, Bubbadus gine get downgrade again and again, government gine layoff more people, taxes gine go up, Dr.Estwick gine get more vex, crime gine be up, garbage gine pileup, nuh big projects gine come and 2015 gine be hardship and depression everyewhere!
I hope I right dis time, cause I feeling a feeling!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful new year, yuh hear?


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