Saturday, February 14, 2015


I was not surprised to see two of my favourites from CropOver making it to de finals of de big Soca competition in TnT, “Ah feeling a feeling” and “I ducking,” two top class hits dat can hold their own with any soca hit anywhere!
I find dat a lot of people Like Fadda Fox and he song “ducking!”
Despite de fiasco with the aborted Indian cricket tour Dave Cameron running fuh relection but he up against a hostile fast bowler in Joel Garner so I hope he ducking!
Ralphie bowling hostile at Cameron and he still ducking!
A lot of girlfriends trying to get answers of where de boyfriend taking them this weekend for Valentine’s but de boyfriends ducking!
A lot of wives in de same position, hubbies under pressure because de outside ladies calling and dem ducking from de wife and ducking de outside thing!
Controversy with the Nigerians students programme, now cancelled, allegations flying and plenty people ducking!
Fuh two years Her Majesty’s Opposition in St.Kitts trying to get Mister Speaker to debate a bill of no confidence in the government but he ducking, now elections finally call so no more ducking.
The little chubby dictator in North Korea, he don’t travel at all, I feel it is because he ducking!
Mitt Romney, he started to flirt wid de idea of running again in 2016 but de bowling hostile so he ducking!
CLICO policy holders, people who invest in that company and the people whose pensions in CLICO want their money and can’t get it, de question is who ducking?
A caller ask de Vendor how come one man could get $3.3 M that owe to he fuh bonus from CLICO but he, de caller, can’t get he lil pension money when de month come but yuh see me Market Vendor, I ducking!
Fuh nearly a year de Governor of de Central Bank making press statements but not holding  press conferences with the media on he reports bout de economy and people feel he ducking!
A man infer dat we should be having Bajan judges pun the Caribbean Court of Justice, my question is did we have judges on the Privy Council when it was we last court of appeal, I waiting fuh de reply and when it come, I might be ducking!
Years now we waiting fuh a Polyclinic to get complete in St.John, anybody can answer bout dat or everybody ducking?
In Trinidad, Rowley like a pit bull, attacking Kamla left right and centre, he smell blood but Kamla, she ain’t ducking!
People afraid to be identified, they not speaking out pun de issues of de day, I feel them ducking!
State owned media, only pap them serving up, yuh can’t serve two masters but them only interested in being de mouthpiece of whichever government in power, them not dealing with news, they want closing down because dem only ducking!
Government want de High Courts to keep the forensic report on CLICO sealed because it fears information contained in it could adversely affect the Ministry of Finance’s efforts to get the a new company to replace CLICO off the ground and eventually sold while the Judicial manager says that the $30M planned injection by government is insufficient and that it would need over $300 M to succeed and that the new company is likely to end up in a similar position to CLICO and therefore the policyholders will twice suffer the effects of an undercapitalized insurance company! You think Market Vendor gine comment pun dat? No way, I ducking!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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