Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crime and Punishment

Some years ago in de heat of an election campaign political sport was being made of then opposition leader David Thompson in a brilliant attack ad titled Crime and Punishment, today Thompson gone but crime gripping dis 21by 14 island as de criminals getting bolder and bolder, guns all over de place, as Gabby sang, call de police pow pow, violence must cease and as Spice & Co reminded us in the remake of an Emile Straker hit, too many guns in dis town.
De wufless wheelie nuckleheads dat wreaking havoc pun de roads got de attention now of everyone and despite de death of a young pillion rider and a few days later another motor alleged wheelie rider, de epidemic continuing, except now de authorities paying attention.
All de gory details of people getting killed, pun social media in minutes, people filming like if it is Hollywood, no regard fuh de victims nor family, dis is breaking news and we got to get it out before Barbados Today.
Apparently, we planning to pass new laws, make things tighter and capture these bikers, many of whose bikes does reportedly come in in parts and seize de bikes. I believe de minister mean well and he genuinely concerned but I got news fuh he, if what I read in de papers is de solution, then de plan is destined to fail.
Tigher laws relating to licence plates and insurance not gine help, in case nobody noticed de fellas don’t bother wid licence plates and from what I understand de bike involved in de Black Rock fatality was not insured so we only spinning top in mud, dem fellas gine continue to laugh until de tek some draconian action. A young girl lost she life, allegedly through a wheelie maneuver dat fail and she end up getting run over by a bus!
Con men and bandits breaking into houses in broad daylight, kidnappings, killings, armed robberies, attacks on gas stations and fast food outlets, dis is we paradise? Dis is wuh Bubbadus come to? De Police got duh hands full, dese days Bubbdus does sound like N.Y. sirens going day and night and de night air polluted wid de sound of guns.
We need some good news fuh a change, de Reggae Festival here, hopefully people gine fete in peace and harmony.
More good news, two young West Indians score centuries in de first cricket test in Antigua, Jermaine Blackwood and Jason Holder, well done fellas but it struck de how we now redefine success. Success 25 years ago would have been de West Indies bludgeoning de English to defeat, today we celebrate a draw like if we just won de series!
And I see dat de new P.M. of Antigua mekking it clear dat he not having words wid Bubbadus minister Donville Inniss, essentially telling Donville dat he is not in de P.M’s pay grade YET! Wait, he know something dat we don’t know?
A fella buy a brand new car, de decide to test it out pun de highway, put pedal to de metal only to get spot by de Police and instead of stopping try to outrun de officer, common sense finally kick in and he apolgise to de officer fuh he stupidity.
De officer say look, I knocking off duty in 10 minutes, give me an excuse I never hear before and i not gine charge yuh. De driver think hard fuh a minute and say dat 20 years ago a policeman run off wid he wife and when he see de police car he thought he was bringing she back!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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