Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Since Adam was a lad I was keeping lists, lists of things to do, lists of assets (a small list) supermarket, gift lists, at times I was listing from de lists.
Years ago when a certain disease hit de region there was talk bout a list and who was pun it, even Gabberts sing a song bout de list and yuh know yuh didn’t want yuh name pun dah list.
I see my P.M. Fruendel got a list too and he sound real excited dat he got dis list, de list is people who invested in some of de more risky investments wid promises of high returns from CLICO, I not sure why he got dis list nor what he gine do wid it but he sounded like he was sending a warning to somebody somewhere, take note I have de list.
In another place I believe dat I was pun a hit list, unfairly of course but de man who they send to get rid of de Vendor ended being let go before he could leggo me and he confess dat he was sent to get rid of certain gorrilliphants but dat when he went out pun a limb, THEY saw off de limb and he fall down and burst his backside!
Don’t get me wrong,lists are very important, airlines call it a manifest but it is a list and if yuh name not pun de list,ticket or no ticket yuh not flying.!
I went to a big Red fete a few weeks back in Rendevouz and a tiny but powerful lady was sitting by de door wid de list, thankfully de Vendor name was pun it.
But I got some new lists, I got a list of all de promises made at election time by politicians and I keeping track of de promised list and de delivery list, so far one real short and de other one long!
Yes I have a bucket list, a list of de people I owe, a longer list of de people who owe me and won’t pay back, a list of things to do, a list of appointments, a list of when to renew this or dat, an inventory list of my personal belongings, medication lists, car parts list, shopping list, travel list, when yuh think bout it it seems like yuh have have a list of things to do and de list don’t ever seem to end.
A friend find heself in a predicament years ago, he had two girlfriends and was trying to decide which one to dump, he couldn’t decide so he decide to mek a list.
Pun one side he listed de attributes of one lady and dat side was long, she could do this and she could do that, cook, good conversation, friendly, excellent hosts when friends came over,by de time he come to de next lady he could only put down dat she does percolate well, he put down de list intending to go back and expand pun it, unfortiunately, Miss percolation find de list and well as they say de rest was history!
Back to de P.M. though, I wonder how many other lists de P.M got, does he have a reshuffle list, people to ignore list, people to payback list, people to fire list, people to avoid list, a hit list, election list?
If a Vendor like me got so many lists, I wonder if de P.M. got to have a list of all de lists he got?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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