Wednesday, April 1, 2015


When I hear de word republic I have to confess I does get a little jittery, a lil nervous, cause many of de Republics I hear bout don’t exactly inspire confidence and mek muh proud. Just look around at some and see what ah mean.Tek Trinidad and Tobago, dem is a Republic and dem got a president instead of  Governor General, yet wid all de money dat country got, dem still had two coup attempts dat nearly end up wid a dictatorship, mind you some of my Trini friends would say, eh eh Baje, you ain’t know we have a dictatorship, eh, somebody fool you dat we have democracy? I have friends who were in captivity when Abu Bakhr seize de TV station in TnT, men who does have nightmares to dis day if dem hear a gun go off, men who thought de end had come and it was only a matter of time before dem meet de maker!
But to be fair, we also had a coup in Grenada and fuh a few years a government called de PRG, People’s Revolutionary Government was in power until they had a palace coup, de Prime Minister get kill and uncle Sam invaded Grenada to “save de people” and we must remember dat Grenada was not a Republic, it had H.M. as head of state!
I was consumed in recent times not by thoughts of de Republic but more wid thought about CLICO and people getting back their money and at least in de Republic of TnT, de government announce this past week dat dem getting billions of dollars for de sale of some CLICO assets and Trini people gine get back de money they invest in CLICO, meanwhile we getting only heartburn dat not even Angostura Bitters could cure, score one for de Republic. I am consumed wid finding money to meet expenses, VAT, land tax, poop tax, road tax, water bills, food bills, University education fees now government not paying it in full anymore, cost of living, any thoughts bout Republic were not pun my radar at all but thanks to de P.M. I now have to focus pun dat too !
 I wonder if he talk to Mia, if he sure he gine get de two thirds majority support he gine need to change de constitution!
Will de Brits still see Bubbadus as little England, will they still want to come bout here fuh cricket in de thousands, what it gine mean? You see how Fruendel come and offset a Vendor? Does it mean we gine have a new holiday to celebrate Republic day? Please  Fruendel, mek Republic day in some other month than November!
One thing fuh sure, he won’t need to set up a bank, we already got a Republic bank, come to think bout it, I is a customer! Further I is a big fan of de British boy band One Republic, I like Republic music!
I did a little checking to be sure what exactly is a Republic, I discover dat de word is a noun and de meaning is “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”
Supreme power is held by de people? De Vendor swear dat sound like what we suppose to have right now so except fuh de part bout be president, exactly what is dis Republic gine to do fuh we de people?
I keeping an open mind, I however only hope we don’t end up being a BR, Banana Republic!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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