Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Opening Act

So my boy Barack Obama made it to de Caribbean last week and spent just over 24 busy hours in de land of wood and water. There was a lot of hype over de visit, rightly so, de first black president of de USA visiting de Caribbean, meeting leaders and he also meet wid UWI students, he show he can handle an accent when he open he remarks wid some proper Jamaican English!
Wunnah know I love de man and de first lady, but de truth is dat de visit to de region did real short, too short and I wonder what de heck could 13 leaders get out of de most powerful man in de world in 90 minutes, Michelle might get a lot out of he in 90 minutes not 13 leaders? By de time Portia done hugging up de man, he say hello to de rest, fire one wid Kamla, discuss some leftist strategy wid Comrade Ralph, what time left fuh meaningful discussion? Where is de communiqué dat outlining de further relationship between we and de USA pun all de subjects dat concern we, immigration, growing herb, illegal drugs, banana trade, visas, crime, trade and aid among others?
And $20 Million US fuh a whole region is all we come away with fuh climate change?
De truth is we was like de local band dat does play at de start of a big show, de warmup act before de main event arrive, de meeting wid Caricom leaders was nothing more than the opening act!
Once El Presidente left Jamtown he went to de featured act in Panama where de leaders of Latin America had gathered and met with Comrade Raul Castro of Cuba to further the process of normalizing relations wid Cuba, including de establishment of diplomatic relations, dat was de real purpose of de trip, moving de process wid Cuba along so America could play catchup in Havana.
Of course we discovered dat he was a big fan of Robert Nesta Marley and went to de Marley museum in de dead of de night while in Jamaica. Don’t be fooled, de Caribbean trip was just a lil thing dat somebody throw in, maybe Olivia Pope tell de chief of staff, look Cyrus, wunnah going to Panama, why not spend a day in Jamaica, eat lil jerb and talk  wid de boys and girls from de region, dis might be yuh best chance to kill two birds wid one stone, but lawd Cyrus, yuh could give we at least a whole day to talk! Can you imagine 90 minutes fuh all of de leaders to mek a mark and say something other than amm amm, uh uh, well yuh see, respect man?
Enough serious stuff, I could not believe my eyes when I read dat in TnT, a special vibrating chair get purchase for de chairperson of T&TEC de electricity company and while everyone in de twin island Republic need electricity it was shocking, pun intended, to learn dat a chair fuh $26,000 TT dollars was purchased, purportedly fuh de female head of de board with six vibrating motors and dat de Chair was allegedly satisfied with de performance of de chair! De plot thickened when de chair, not de chairperson, went missing, only to turn up mysteriously in de audit department, so far dis story got plenty current, it electrifying Trinidad and is sure to lead to a blackout for someone, we will remain plugged in to de story, reveal de shocking details in de hope of shedding light, not electricity pun de subject matter!

I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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