Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coming early

From we were small it get drill into de head yuh should be on time, come early, though as I found out some times in life coming early is not a good thing!
As an acolyte at St.Patrick’s serving at 6.30.a.m. mass I had to arrive early, to mek sure everything in place by de time de priest enter. Getting to school after de bell ring at Presentation College had serious disadvantages unless it was dat de school bus itself was late.
One time some land was selling in Fort George, first come first served, by de time I get out there round 10 o’clock de night fuh de sale next morning,10 people was in front of me and when I get in de booth most of de best lots were spoken for.
Another time heading to St.Vincent, we running late fuh de airport, on arrival at Adams Airport de LIAT  was already in de air, a next time I liming wid Boo Hinkson in St.Lucia and when I reach de airport my flight gone, last flight, thankfully I had put a clean shirt and underwear in my backpack fuh de day trip.So coming late or last have not been good experiences fuh de Vendor.
And while coming late could be a bad thing, coming frequently has its benefits. If a lady seeing you regularly she more likely to get confortable than if she does only sight yuh once in awhile!
Frequency has benefits, even in yuh sex life a new study show dat men who perform daily are less likely to get prostate cancer that those who do it infrequently!
The study, which was conducted at Harvard Medical School, found that men between the ages of 40 and 49 who ejaculated 21 or more times a month were 22 percent less likely to get prostate cancer than men who only ejaculated four to seven times monthly. I wonder if dem got statistics fuh a 50% reduction of risks?
Fuh a long time now I convince de early bird does catch de worm, it don’t always workout but I does try.
Yuh want yuh newspaper early but yuh want yuh tax assessment late and generally the in-laws to be de late!
Being first in line fuh Ma Blanc bakery to open would assure de hottest salt breads, other times I would come early and be disappointed.
Once at the then Pearls airport in Grenada I arrive early only to find de airport lock down tight cause de staff was yet to arrive! I went to fete once only to discover I was a day early “yuh gine have to come back tomorrow Market!”
Wukking pun radio early morning I would arrive well before shift time, de guard would complain how my coming early brekking up he sleep!Thanks to LIAT and an on time experience I arrive in St.Lucia recently fuh Jazz, de hotel room not ready, reason, I come too early! Coming early does work sometimes and other times coming late is better.
Fuh example one night in de old Bee Wee days I arrive fuh a flight to London and dem was overbooked, Mrs Beatrix Holder approach de Vendor and ask if I would mind going into first class cause dem was short of seats in economy, one time coming late was sweet.

But if I have a choice I would rather come early, even too early, than late! De last thing yuh want to hear is I did waiting pun you but yuh too late, shop shut fuh today, try tomorrow!


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