Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Its all about the waste, the waste!

Dese past two weeks I been wasting a lost of time, wasting a lot of resources and from de looks of things I am not alone, we definitely got plenty wastage.
De strike by de private waste haulers bring home de point dat it is about time fuh we to start to recycle and separate garbage at source.
Look at wastage all over de place, tek Guyana, dem use up nearly a whole week fuh de former government to accept de message dat de dog dead, de election over, yuh loss, go long wid yuh dignity( if any left) and stop trying to hold on when de writing pun de wall! True, yuh didn’t lose by much but hollering unfair, how can dat be when wunnah control de whole machinery?
De third test match at Kensington Oval, W.I.vs England, day four and five, a waste, W.I. did only need three days to silence de 6000 plus Brits who came to town fuh de game.
According to de legal eagles, de court system broken, people complaining dat dem waiting fuh years fuh decisions or fuh cases to be heard, lawyers line up outside de court room daily, just killing time, waiting and wasting.
During de rainy season millions of gallons of water does rush down de hills and into de ocean, fast forward a few months to de dry season and people can’t get water to drink fuh days in some districts, much less bathe to go to work,what a  waste!
Almost daily, youts pun de block, not loking fuh work, getting into trouble wid de law, a waste of God given talents and abilities.
Everywhere yuh look, we got waste, De Vendor and family decide we gine help reduce waste, so far we mekking progress but we need more people to play dem part too!
Step one, we buy a wood chipper and it does eat up de branches faster than a ZR pun de highway.
In step two we discover how much we got to recycle every week, It does tek lil time to sort out but it wukking and I shame when I see how much things we use to send to de landfill in de past.
All cans from sardines to tomatoes, all bottles, soft drinks, pepper sauce, olive and coconut oil, Mayo, all plastic containers, milk cartons,(remember to wash them out before storing) metal too and newspapers, we buy some cheap containers from PriceMart, one fuh bottles, one fuh plastics, one fuh metal and one fuh newpapers, B’s recycling does mek a trip through every few weeks and de Vendor does even get lil money fuh de things we recycle, while another collector does come fuh de newpapers, it ain’t de perfect system but we definitely sending much less to de landfill and we helping de environment.
Once yuh mek a start yuh gine be amazed at de amount of garbage yuh does generate and how much yuh could actually recycle, Bs recycling in one amazing company. De time come fuh government to implement de plan and read de riot act to dem dat don’t fall in line, insist that households start to separate garbage, get de media involved in a national campaign, it can de done and put some stiff penalties in place fuh de backsliders, overnight we went from no seat belts to all seatbelts so we know it can be done.
Set certain days fuh collecting certain things, check places like Switzerland and Canada, dis is not rocket science and Bubbadus would be a better place fuh it.
Time to stop de waste!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wasteless day, yuh hear?


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