Friday, May 15, 2015

St.Joseph The Worker

Last week was St.Lucia Jazz Festival and as long as de Vendor in good health I am there, along with many other visitors from all over de world. I didn’t plan to write bout dat today but as I start I better finish. Every year St.Lucia organizers introduce new elements to Festival and dis year was no exception, all systems worked like magic, a reminder that proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance! Innovations this year included a red carpet sold out fashion show, de music was A1,Arturo, Boo Hinkson, John Secada, Beres Hammond, Krosfyah, Flo Rida, Jimmy Cliff and Robin Thicke( dat white boy think he is black, de man was soulful and not a white musician in his band) all stood out.
Sunday last was mother’s day and I went to the 10 a.m.Mass at St.Joseph The Worker Catholic church, every seat taken, beautifully decorated and over two hours and 15 minutes I could have been at a sold out concert.
Initially, I thought I was at a political meeting as an announcement was made that the Archbishop would not be attending Mass due to other pressing commitments, de boos  were deafening, den an announcement from de Archbishop that Fr.Quinlan had been reinstated and will be going on a sabbatical, de place went wild with cheering at the news, next a confession from Fr Quinlan that he was begging forgiveness from those he may have offended during his tenure, by his words, by what he did and failed to do, he asked forgiveness and understanding, wow! And we hadn’t even started yet!
 The best was yet to come for over the next two hours de Vendor had de most uplifting experience ever at a church service, I have been to services wherever life has taken me but this one was something extra special, the 2 hours and 15 minutes felt like 30 minutes! The choir made up of all young people, the band had trumpets and drums and the music was like a concert, the church was rocking to the singing, even the priest was moving to the rhythm, the arrangements of traditional hymns special, at the offertory about 12 young ladies in costumes danced from the entrance to the alter and then back down, the energy was unique, I could not believe my good fortune, in fact I enjoyed this service more than some of the concerts I attended at the Jazz Festival. Then specially for the mothers on mother day, the young choir belted out Because Of You, de church was in a frenzy, the sermon spoke of love and forgiveness, it was to the point and never lagged, as people sang danced and swayed I had to check that this was a Catholic church and not an evangelical gathering because I had never experienced such in my traditional Catholic experience, it was utterly uplifting.
I stood when visitors were asked to be identified and a swarm of people came over to hug  me, I was at home.
At the end as Fr Quinlan announced he would be going on a sabbatical and as we prepared for the final blessings, another priest asked the congregation not to mob Fr.Quinlan as he left the church,to the sound of rocking rhythms the officiating team came down the aisle, behind them a police officer to keep the people in check, just like at a concert! Who is Fr. Quinlan and of what was he accused? I didn’t need to know, not today, there was so much love at this church, St. Joseph The Worker that I had no time fuh anything else.
Thank you Gros Islet for giving me a blessing I never expected and for strengthening my faith in the church of our Lord.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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