Tuesday, June 30, 2015


For Barack Obama, by any measurement last week was a good week, in fact, last week could well turn out to be the best week for he term as president of the USA, a string of victories and vindication, meant that he enjoyed one of the best week’s ever.
And if affirmation of affordable health care, the Supreme court ruling on gay marriages was big victories, a defining moment came in de  Charleston S.C. speech he deliver eulogizing Clementa Pinckney and members of his congregation in another mass killing,  at hands of a white young man who set out to kill a large number of black people fuh no other reason than that they were black.
Barack Obama delivered a speech than only a world class orator could deliver but it had all de elements, substance, history, emotion, passion, conviction, religion all wrapped up.
Fuh me it was a defining speech of his presidency, it was the day he became also, the black president of America, when he stood up for his race and made them proud that this, their black brother was not just everybody’s president, he was also their black president of America. If yuh didn’t see it, yuh must, CNN repeat it, MSNBC ran it without interruption, a great speech defined by a single word, GRACE! Friday gone was de day Barack came home, a sad day, a day dat could have been filled with anger and violence but instead was filled wid love and wid grace.Thank you Barack, this day,sad as it was, was an amazing experience, it was uplighting!
Dis past week de U.S. Supreme court also ruled on de legality of same sex marriages and all 50 states gine now have to comply wid de law! Another cause backed by de president of the USA. How de rest of we in de world gine treat wid it gine be interesting, from Bullens Avenue to Sweet Bottom, yuh know dat different folks gine got different strokes.
A friend say Market, dat could never be normal, she remind me dat when yuh go into a gas station yuh don’t put de nozzle in de exhaust! Graphic! De battle lines getting draw! CPL was in town from Saturday to Saturday and thousands and thousands of people rammed de Mecca, Kensington Oval, all four night to see de Tridents. Pun de first night when de Amazon Warriors came to town, I swear de whole of Guyana was there, Guyanese like rice grains from GT to Berbice, east coast and west Bank, Demerara and Lynden, Courantyne to Esequibo, de GT posse came to support but de Tridents reigned supreme, all week, finally losing de final match by a nail biting one run to end a week of non stop heart pounding excitement at de Mecca!
Digicel, take a bow, it was a bold move to buy the CPL and invest millions of dollars in this new exciting form of the game, night after night, capacity crowds filled every stand and stayed fuh every ball. De most interesting thing is the amount of women, young women, who coming every night to de Oval and mekking statements wid dress and appearance, a feast fuh de eyes!
To hear though dat de Barbados franchise losing over a $1M a year and might have to pull out was not good news but given dat over 250 Million people worldwide watch this tournament I sure something gine get work out to mek sure Bubbadus keep this franchise. It good fuh cricket and it good fuh Bubbadus so let we sort matters out.

I market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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