Tuesday, June 9, 2015

can Jack get fat?

The Jack Warner circus is in town, no need to worry bout Chris nor budget, Dr.Lowe and de tipping fee nor allegations dat tax clearance certificates coming, de Jack Warner comedy show in town and de ole talk sweet fuh days.
If you were at the Observatory watching Saturn and missed it, here is a brief recap. Since no one else seemed prepared to go after corrupt FIFA and its executives my uncle, Sam, decided he had to and in a swift and clinical action, swooped down on the alleged bandits at their $4000.00US dollar a night hotel in Switzerland and had Jack Warner arrested in TnT for extradition to de U.S. pun charges of everything from money laundering to bribery and wire fraud among others. Poor Jack, sorry rich Jack, get bail but something was not in order and rich Jack spent the night in jail. De fun now start. Next day rich Jack left prison in an ambulance, good lord, if one night in jail do dat to Jack, big talking loud mouth arrogant Jack, can you imagine what several years behind U.S. prison bars would do?
Don’t answer dat one yet, Jack said he was suffering from fatigue, he restup is hospital and can out slugging, wild, like iron Mike!
Not for de first time he trained de guns pun Kamla, is she who make he take a jail and de gloves off and he gine reveal all, AGAIN!
Wait nuh, I seem to have heard dat threat before, several times, Jack say he have tapes, documents, files, files or flies, yuh never too sure wid Jack cause he got a speech impediment, I suspect he said flies but never mind, he is directing all his fly power on Kamla, somehow is Kamla to blame for all Jack’s problems!
Rich Jack say if he is a thief how come THEY didn’t arrest de person who made it possible for him to thief, how come they didn’t arrest HIM! Jack like he know something bout somebody in FIFA, a strange statement if yuh ask de Vendor! Jack singing like a parrot, he squawking loud!
Dr Moonilal, leader of government business advise Jack dat his problems are wid de wrong woman, it is Loretta (U.S.Attorney General) not Kamla,sweet doc! Hear de Doc
"I don't know who in the world today is prepared to believe Mr Warner, Mr Blatter, Mr Webb. It is really a sad thing when people utter things in public and you really can't believe anything," he said.
He said the Government was not threatened by Warner who has a history of producing blank tapes and empty envelopes.
And Kamla say,  "Some people say, but I am not of that view, they agreed that the gloves are off and he may be clearing the way for the handcuffs. I don't agree with that because a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He has all of the due process of law to go forward and prove his innocence." Look like Kams tek off de gloves too!
 Yuh see why I have to like a man like rich Jack, when Bas left de scene I say who gine keep me entertained, I didn’t know how sweet Jack would be!
Now if I was rich Jack, I would concentrate pun fighting de extradition, because trust me Jack, if you ever board a flight to de USA, look closely at de northern range as de flight ascends and wave goodbye to de land of pan and de many houses dat Jack built, it is not Tantie Kamla dat gine be yuh worries, ask Allen Stanford! As for Mr Webb as my friend Dave Martins put it “oh what a tangle WEBB we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” look like somebody get JACKUP!

can I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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