Thursday, June 25, 2015


De world is truly an amazing planet, in many ways but also a bizarre place.Tek America, land of the brave, home of the free, Bruce Jenner, arguably the greatest athlete of his time, married three times to different women, fathered two children from each, today Bruce gone, in his place is a lady named Caitlyn and all dese years Bruce say never a day went by that he didn’t think of being a woman! So on Father’s day just past what did the kids wish Caitlyn, happy transsexual day? If Hollywood had written a script like dat every manjack would be hollering, bare foolishness! Ah lie?
Jack Warner get exposed by a U.S. investigation, dem seeking to get Jack extradited, Jack firing salvo after salvo of allegations in de direction of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, de latest is dat weed was found in a gazebo on her property years ago while she was away, Jack claim that he told the P.M. in a phone call not to worry, he and others would cover it up, so Jack, you telling me that you were part of a conspiracy, that you were prepared to lie then but now want me to believe that you are a man not without honour and telling de truth dis time?
Despite de ole talk, Jack so frighten he can only wear brown pants, see how after one night in jail Jack had to go to hospital by ambulance!
A woman in Amurca, head of an NAACP chapter, claimed to be black until her parents exposed dat she is white, a national furore over dis issue, big stupes!
If she want to be black so what, clearly, no pun intended, she doesn’t want to be white, don’t we accuse some people of wanting to be white, what is wrong with identifying as black? Years ago a soon to be brother-in-law, white, was in Harlem on a date with one of my sisters, some black brethren challenged him and wanted  to know why was a white boy there with a sister, about to wet his pants the best he could muster was “ I may be white on the outside but inside I am a brother just like you!”
De fellas laughed lustily and gave him a hail Mary pass.
Fuh years de Vendor suggesting ways to deal wid lawless maxi taxi drivers, men wid in some cases over 100 convictions still driving public service vehicles, if I had four convictions I woulda lose my licence. Now after yet another horrible accident in which a schoolgirl lost her arm, everybody howling about getting tough! Yawn!
A ZR(maxi) driver complained bout de size of fines being imposed  and vex that these were excessive, buddy try the following, no overloading, no loud music, no reckless driving, no stopping nor picking up passengers other than at bus stops, no blocking roads, no speeding,  you wouldn’t have to appear in court at all!
Years ago when somebody dead, de obituary was heard pun radio, today yuh got pages of announcements, appreciations and reminders of those who dead years before,I don’t know bout wunnah but I does feel lil awkward, de people I does see, mostly look real healthy, dem look real young and above all they always got a big smile?
How dem look so young and is 83 years old, where dese pictures dig up, no pun intended, from? And what is it wid de smiling, de people dead, wha dem smiling at? Maybe dem saying, I dead but you coming next? Whenever I see a dead person smiling at me in de papers, I does turn de page quick, only to butt up pun another page of smiling dead people!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day ,yuh hear?


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