Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jack and his Ass!

As de Jack Warner saga continues and as more revelations come to light today de Vendor looking at de many sides of a man named Jack, his likes and dislikes, a sort of closeup of this guy named Jack!
Its all about Jack. When I read all dis stuff bout Pepper Jack it made me go “cheese on bread,” a good ole Bajan saying. Jack running hard, he really running like a jack rabbit!
But when dis Jack get charge, I swear he get jackup!
His favourite fish I presume is JACKS and it seems clear to me that
his running mate who clearly fetched more than water had to be a girl named JILL.
His favourite reading blog is The ONIONS!
The FAVOURITE DRINK clearly is Jack Daniels though that could be replaced by mauby or tap water soon.
Reportedly, his favourite method of carrying his money is a suitcase or a brown paper bag and the favourite car, the Ford Escape though Jack thinks it should be a Legend!
In the game of monopoly he is THE BANKER, but in cards the joker,
His favourite airline surprisingly is Aloha Airways.
His request for Septic Bladder (Sepp Blatter) hound dog by the king himself Elvis.
His favourite phone service Magic Jack, sorry Digicel, and de favourite party snack Cracker Jacks, ah, we finally got something in common.
he is currently taking castor oil, for the runs and he was last seen in Jack in de box gully Barbados.
Jack has requested for my uncle Sam Unchained Melody and for
his last request, he calling Carol Roberts to play, one more time by Machel.
His address, (it could change) The house dat Jack built, located at Millionaires road St.Peter
When asked to comment of allegations being hurled at him he said “thief from thief make God laugh,” Jack, a man never lost for words!
Jack takes comfort that great men have gone to prison Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Castro then asks who am i, you are Jack Warner sir, but no Mandela Ghandi martin Luther King nor Castro!
What is Jack's profession, some people say he is a trader, others a financier, yet others a builder and yet other say things I cannot write, I say he is Jack of all trades!
What has he given up on his menu Swiss cheese and
Jack it potatoes! He settling fuh pelau.
his favourite fruit is JACK FRUIT.
Jack has received dedication from Kamla “hit the road jack”
Overheard comment to he lawyer, “extradite? i thought you said air tight?”
When asked to comment of over $4M US paid to JTA supermarkets Jack said “ I is a big man, i does eat plenty, i does feed everybody, even Kamla get feed by Jack, all de people in the partnership, all dem folks who vote fuh Jack, and food expensive, how de hell yuh think i does pay for de food, i does use money, i pay in advance, Jack doesn’t owe a fella, i does make a draw down."
Accused of laundering money Jack bellowed,”me Jack Warner, laundering, i don’t use no laundry, i have state of de art washing machine and dryer too!”
Jack threatens to expose all, hear Kams “Please Jack, ah begging yuh, keep yuh clothes on, please!”
And as Jack threatens to expose all, some say he is already overexposed!

In an attempt to show his humbleness Jack is reportedly giving up de car and has chosen the lowly Ass, who he immediately called JACK!


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