Wednesday, July 15, 2015


On July 11th my mum, Muriel, matriarch of our family, celebrated 96 years young! De ole girl was in fine form and as she did when she was 80 and then again at 90, all of her 8 children, their children, children’s children in some cases, cousins, nephews, nieces, in laws and outlaws all gathered at de Vendor’s home to celebrate another milestone. The family tree brought them from Sweden, N.Y. New Jersey, N.C. France, Argentina, India, Miami,Thailand,Virginia, Atlanta and of course de Caribbean to be here fuh mum’s birthday, mum herself coming from N.Y, where she lives. At last count we were over 50 but somehow I ended up wid over 70 people to be fed and watered last Saturday night.
It was and still is special even as they begin de journey back home this week, the memories we have will live on for many more years to come and we are truly blessed and favoured to have our mother with us, still able to cut yuh down and put yuh firmly in yuh place and still as entertaining as ever.
Two little stories stand out as gems.
My youngest daughter Rebecca was sitting wid mum pun her first night here, she tell de child how beautiful she is “Becks, you are the most beautiful of all my grandchildren” then pausing she also said “and sometimes I does have to tell a few lies also!” When my daughter told me the story we laughed heartily, vintage mum.
A few nights later I was sitting with mum and dad, she was tired and ready to sleep, I was sitting across de room in a pair of multi stripped, multi coloured Polo Ralph Lauren shorts when mum turned to dad and said in a soft voice, “when are we going to bed?” he replied Why, then pointing in my direction she said “ the gentleman over there is wearing his pyjamas!” I still laughing!
Truth is that age beginning to make its mark in some ways and it is a reminder that the times we have are precious, yes she does forget things these days but 96 that’s not bad, especially when you never ever spent a single day or night of your life in a hospital, not even for the delivery of any of your 8 children!
The thing about large families is dat with 50 people there is also 50 different personalities and sometimes there is conflict, disagreement, even arguments, sometimes feelings does get hurt and family may feel slighted and sometimes not speak to each other fuh years.Like any large group we have some strong personalities and some that go wid de flow and some dat don’t seem to care to be involved in confusion.
Thankfully in dis family whenever disagreements occur, usually reconciliation does tek place and family does bond back like super glue. I not always sure how it does happen but usually somebody does take de lead and massage de process and eventually something does happen and fractures does get heal.
In my family we got people who does speak several different languages, who come from different parts of de world, different religions, ethnicities cultures so yuh bound to have differences and sometimes conflicts.We got Jews, Catholics, Muslims fuh starters in de religious department, we does Swedish, Thai, Gujarati, Spanish, French and some English too,we got Democrats and we got Republicans, a volatile mix if yuh ask me and yet somehow we does navigate de waters and manage to stay pun an even keel.
I can only hope and pray dat as de family evolve and grow and new members come in dat we continue to be able to gather, periodically, to celebrate as a family, we ain’t perfect, not by a long long shot, but we not half bad either and best of all we all still here again to gather and celebrate as family! A blessing from de father.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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