Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In the twinkling of an eye

Dey say dat things can change in de blink of an eye, dat life is short, how true, for inside a week my whole world went from joy and celebration to sadness, anxiety and at times despair.After a week and a few days of celebrating our matriarch’s 96 birthday when all her 8 children, grands and some of her great grands came to Barbados from far and wide, this lady, my hero, my inspiration, this little woman who had never known what it is to lay pun a hospital bed for a day or night, in the middle of the night tripped, fell and broke her hip and now de inside of Bayview Hospital is her temporary home.
In the twinkling of an eye it can change as it did fuh my mum and me, dat very night I had shown her the video interview she and I did, professionally shot by my friend Jeffrey Alleyne, had read my last’s week article about family to her and de Barbados Today feature on Muriel at 96. Mum was in a dancing mood and she and her first born son danced in the living room of de Rockley Plum tree apartment, I went home on top of de world, what more could I ask for, my mum was alive and kicking, all my siblings and their spouses, de outlaws were wid us, my nephews, nieces and even a few of the next generation, all clustered together wid de usual ebb and flow of family life and opinions. Three hours later I dreaming bout a cell phone ringing only to wake up and realize there was a call and it came from “The Swedes” code for my Swedish family, this is not a good call I said to myself and immediately my thought was something happen to mum! By de time I reach de ambulance was there and most of the family.
Dese past few days been gut wrenching at times, I have bawled like a baby at times anytime I think of one of de possible outcomes, been strong pun others and confused as I process matters.
So far so good, after initial care at QEH accident and emergency by some very caring staff and ambulance people, special thanks to Dr.Harris and her team, mum get transport to Bayview Hospital and later that evening after a family conference and meeting wid de specialist, surgery was de unanimous decision. I had heard great things of Mr Randolph Carrington de orthopedic specialist, I can now speak wid confidence bout him and his team and de staff at Bayview Hospital, our matriarch is getting de best possible care and attention, a big thank you to Mr Carrington and to Bayview staff.
Throughout it all, de ole girl has tried to be her self, as she waited fuh surgery, dad was visibly tired after nearly 18 hours of being awake, mum turning to him suggested as there was no other bed available to him he could consult “flora,” vintage mum!
She told one of the doctors if she was younger she would ask him a question, don’t even speculate on dat question!
The odds are not great, apparently only 30% of older people who have dese breakages survive and the odds over the next year are apparently worse.When I think of what my life widout my mum could be like, I am gutted, devastated and shattered beyond comprehension. Still Muriel I am reminded by dear friends has beaten de odds, one of 17 children, less than half survived infancy, no rose bed growing up, lived through war famine and civil unrest, yet made it to 96 years, gave birth to and raised 8 children without ever being in a hospital, if anyone can make it, perhaps she can, maybe there is a little something left in the tank, I hope and I pray so, as much for me as for her!
Life truly can change in a moment, cherish de moments yuh have wid those you love and who love you!
A lot of prayers are being offered up for her and as of right now man has done what he can and the rest will be up to her indomitable spirit and the master who knows best!
I am begging him every moment of every day for a bit more quality time with my mum.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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