Sunday, August 9, 2015

Days of Our Lives

So “The Donald” once again had an out break of foot and mouth desease when he say fuh de world to hear dat a certain female journalist had blood coming out her nose and her wherever, he get dis-invited to a Republican event, I like dah word, dis or uninvited, only in America and surprise surprise Mr Trump is not saying sorry fuh he offensive remarks! I done work out how he does operate, if yuh don’t agree wid me, yuh is an idiot, a fool a nincompoop, he don’t deal wid policy nor specifics, just vague generalizations and curse anybody who don’t agree wid he, but don’t worry, he already starting to unravel, imagine though 17 Republicans want to represent de party against whoever de Dems running next year!
In Guyana ,de deputy chief executive officer of the Guyana Power and Light Company  allegedly transfer $28.7Million  (Guyana dollars I presume) from de PetroCaribe Fund into he personal bank account while another man had  $948,000 put into his account.
The Deputy CEO also allegedly wrote a letter saying while he did not think he did anything wrong he was willing to pay back the money, so yuh gine payback for something which was not wrong and if it was not wrong then it must have been right, not so? It is not dat de man thief no money, he had simply approved a short term unsecured interest free loan to himself on unspecified terms to be repaid in whole or in part should the loan become public knowledge! He asking fuh time to repay de loan as de money was apparently placed in a U.S. bank account.Lawd help muh!
A young school teacher, a model citizen from all reports, law abiding, dedicated, caring, motivated, ambitious and hard working visiting family and friends a night last week, happen to be in the wrong place at de wrong time and get gun down, dead and gone, he just buy he house and had not even finish moving in, a baby on the way, now this only son gone and family and friends devastated, when we gine really deal wid de guns bout here? When we gine stop de talk and really tek action?
Saturday morning, Cheapside market, de Vendor getting supplies, I hearing a loud boisterous voice, a fella selling clothespins and superglue, new and improved, can stick anything, if it unstick, this glue gine stick it back permanently and then de sales line, “help me out, buy something, don’t let me go to prison and get rape!”
In cricket, England pun fire, dem skittle out the mighty Aussies fuh a mere 60 runs, de Ashes returning to England, it is a great week in de mudda country as Rule Britannia can be heard from Edgbaston to Edgeware road.
And de jokes start too, de best one so far is dis one “Australian cricket bats for sale, hardly used!”
Another one is the story of little Johnny who went to school and when the teacher asked the children what job does your father do, she got all sorts of careers coming back at her, lawyers, doctors, engineers, marketing and advertising, journalists and broadcasters then when she came to little Johnny he said his father was an exotic dancer in a strip club!
The concerned teacher carry little Johnny to de Principal and explained her distress at the job dis poor little fella’s dad was doing only to be finally told by Johnny, “well he is not really a lap dancer in a strip club, he actually is an Australian cricket batsman but I was too ashamed to say so!”

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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