Tuesday, August 4, 2015

last week article bout "Cropover"

I want to congratulate de Bubbadus junior squash team fuh winning the regional tournament after a long drought, toppling the previously unstoppable Guyanese in de final, well done to de team, Guyana apparently won de singles title but unfortunately when I read de newspaper report in de Sunday paper, somehow de writer forgot to mention the name of the winners of de singles title, not good journalism at all.
Trinidad Red Steels beat de Bubbadus Tridents in de final of the CPL, proving dat it is not how yuh start dat matter but how yuh finish, de Red Steels get beat bad in de early matches but at de end dem was unbeatable tekking de title from de defending champions in fine style before a massive home crowd.
And at home at Bushy Park last Sunday, the General, Edwin, back in competition win de Sweet Soca title wid he big song “party ah de year” and Peter Ram mash up de place scoring a perfect 100% to run away wid de Party Monarch title wid he monster hit “all ah we and in second place was King Bubba wid he big hit “mash up when ah touch down.”
Edwin song was a early favourite fuh me so I not surprised that he come out a winner and Peter Ram song like an anthem, it gine be a runaway favourite fuh de rest of de festival, I suspect he got more prizes to collect.King Bubba been mekking some sweet music fuh some time now and it is only a matter of time before he too gine wear de crown, well done to de new kids pun de block, both winners getting new Kia Cerato cars and $20000.00 and $10000.00 in cash respectively.
Last Saturday night was another big show, de Wildey gymnasium was rammed wid people as de Banks Caribbean Kaiso Monarchs came to town and dem delivered big, big time.we had local giants, RPB,Gabby,John King,Edwin, Gyrnner and TnT icons Crazy, Baron and Sparrow. De Birdie bring down de curtain pun a flawless show, he even sing de lord’s prayer at the end, de man voice as sweet as when he was 16,amazing, considering he nearly dead couple years ago, Admiral Int H.D. set de tempo at the opening and Mac Fingall was simply sizzling as an M.C.
Gynner’s wife passed away last week, yet de man came and as a true performer, showed dat de show must go on.When de Bag cut loose wid “spontaneous” de Gym was rocking, from early people was pun de floor dancing to de sweet rhythms, Edwin show dem he still got de moves but fuh me, de performance of de night came from de Baron, dat man voice like velvet, he could sing “ a b c d e f g and mek it sound sweet, not a fella was in he chair and de man rocked de Wildey Gym. Dis show was in a class by itself, start pun time and went flawlessly, awesome sound from A&B, every detail taken care of and a night of unforgettable music jokes and entertainment, well done 5Guys Entertainment, if wunnah looking fuh a sixth guy, call de Vendor.
We in de midst of Cropover, I saving my money fuh Machel, people saying how come things hard in Bubbdus, how come people don’t have money, how come de economy tight and yet people can find money to pay as much as $300 fuh some events?
Sound to me like dem disputing dat things hard bout here but we de people know better!
But I think I can explain matters, it not difficult, when things tight people does find a way to get lil pleasure, get a ease from de stress, so entertainment does become important and people does decide to forego something else and have a good time, it is that simple.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now,you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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