Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smile fuh de Camera

A few weeks back I write bout seeing pages of dead people, obituaries, in de Sunday papers, many of the pictures got de folks looking youthful and smiling broadly, I often wonder why in an obituary dese people dat dead look so happy! Today I pun a similar theme, not fuh de first time I open de newspaper and pun de front page six fellas who get charge fuh murdering of a young school teacher pun de front page, two cousins smiling broadly fuh de cameras like dem jest get shoot (camera,not bullets) by Whapaxx photography, charged wid murder and wunnah grinning like wunnah just had a dental makeover from Dr Vidya Armogan? Dis ain’t no laughing matter fellas!
It like it is a trend cause in de same papers two sisters get charge wid thiefing items from dem aunt house, including a cell phone and a bible, one in handcuffs, dress like she heading to Reggae Pun De Hill and smiling broadly fuh de camera, ef I was in either one of dem situations I woulda have to wear pampers and brown pants but dem don’t look worried at all!
Why would anybody steal a bible, cud dear, iffing I was familiar wid de good book I would know many passages that forbid me from doing such!
In de past two weeks we had more shootings and injuries than dem had in Kabul in de same period!
Years ago some laws get pass wid some severe punishment fuh having unlicenced guns, I yet to hear of anybody getting de maximum sentence under de law?
Last week Thursday night a home get brek in, family force at gun point to drive de bandits to one of their businesses, open de safe and empty de cash, then return de folks home and tie them up before leaving wid de loot!  Dis like it is de new Bubbadus, we not too far behind Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana! Time to loose de dogs pun dese vagabonds before dem destroy dis lil sweet spot.
Getting yuh photograph in de papers, especially front or back page, like it is a badge of honour, especially if yuh in handcuffs, dis is what we come to wid all de education we got?
Years ago a youngster at Starcom ask me if I did see de daily papers yet and when I asked why, it was because his cousin “had made de papers” it is only when other staff members explained to me dat de boy was in de papers in handcuffs, de gravity of de matter hit me.
I went back to de youngster and to explain this was nothing to be proud of, it was not a good thing, eventually he said “I see what you mean!”
Maybe he was one of the 1365 students who paid for but failed to turn up to take the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence exams!
Congratulations to Victoria Najab of Region Three Guyana, the top performing student in the region this year with 20 grade ones, sheer genius, a future leader I hope, she was smiling in de papers too, in her case she has plenty to be proud about and a million reasons to be smiling!
I found it interesting dat dis young lady, who exemplifies everything that every young Caribbean person should aspire to could only make it to page 17 of the newspaper in a black and white photo, but six men charged wid murder get front page coverage, all in full colour! Are we celebrating de gun rather than de genius?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day yuh hear?


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