Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The talk show callers

Next caller please, “madame moderator today I hope wunnah don’t cut me off cause despite de fact dat I may mek defamatory statements I got de right in a democracy to say what is pun my mind,without Dennis Johnson cutting me off before I finish my submission, I know dat wunnah in bed wid de government and gine use de excuse bout defamation to shut me up!”
Welcome to de world of de call-in programmes, where there is not a single topic, national problem, social, economic, public health, regional nor international matter dat dese callers cannot solve, it don’t matter what de topic is dem got de answers, waste to energy through plasma gasification, (I got dah right?) how to grow de economy, how to solve every single issue dat afflicting dis lil country, all Fruendel got to do is turn on de radio and listen to de experts!
Dem know if and where life exists pun other planets, don’t need no scientists, just call de experts! In fact all now Fruendel could know he fate if only he call one of dese gorriliphants and just ask who gine win de next election, me or “Rugged” grand daughter? And woe betide de talk show host who would dare disagree wid dem, Mr Ellis I am TELLING you dat dese is de facts!” Apparently when dem say I am telling you, dat is de holy grail.
And it is de same six “experts” who calling day after day, spewing forth from Mount Olympus wid de solutions to everything under and over de sun!
I does wonder where dese people does work cause dem does hold on fuh nearly and hour and when dem start to speak, you could go into de supermarket, do yuh shopping, come out a hour later and dem still pun de phone!
When Elombe was pun de radio he never use to suffer fools gladly, he use to rough dem up and get dem off de air and he wasn’t frighten to tell dem when they was talking nonsense either.
Last week tek de cake, there had so much uninformed nonsense in de media bout copyright dat it cause Pyramid Entertainment to issue a public statement bout de song written by a Trini fella “Shaft” fuh Peter Ram, de song dat win he a motor car and do de double and win Tune Of De Crop.
I know lil bit bout copyright but I didn’t get involve cause de experts was pun de radio and social media wid their expertise, one prominent view was dat Shaft should not get half of Peter Ram’s winnings,(even apparently if dat was in  de contract) and another was dat after two years, de writer should give up de ownership of song, yuh ever hear so much foolishness?
De copyright of a song belong to de songwriter and he estate could exploit it fuh all time, who he chose to record de song with is another matter, in fact I understand dat dis particular song was not originally written wid Ram in mind!
Lyrics and music is no different to any other property dat you own, imagine you design and build a house, you let somebody occupy it and two morning later you hearing dat possession is 9/10 of de law?
Arrow write Hot Hot Hot and so far I believe dat over 100 different versions of de song get record! I don’t consider de Beatles, Lennon and McCartney to be great singers but some of de greatest songs of all time get written by dese two gentlemen and dem get record by hundreds of different singers and musicians but de copyright remains wid de writers unless dem sell it to somebody else.
Anyway let me get back to some enlightenment from de experts, dis is Brass Tacks, next caller please!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day,yuh hear?


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