Sunday, October 25, 2015

Conflict Resolution

Traditionally, when you and a fella have a conflict yuh does threaten he wid court, “I gine sue yuh” and fuh some dat does work but dem dat really know de system does laugh when duh hear dat, Market, a fella tell me, I like when people want to sue me fuh money, cause I know I gine tie dem up in de law courts fuh years to come.
Recently de CCJ, Caribbean Court of Justice, not fuh de first time, had some uncomplimentary remarks bout de court system in Bubbadus and pelt out a claim by a litigant dat been in de system over a quarter of a century! A national hero is once said to uttered de words “if yuh want justice stay out of Coleridge Street” (de old supreme court was there) and of course we all know the saying, justice delayed is justice denied.
I don’t know enough bout de reasons fuh de delays in de court system but clearly dese problems didn’t start yesterday, dem been hanging round fuh decades.
Some folks not prepared to wait decades fuh a decision, Mr Bjerkham must be a patient man to wait 28 years to purchase a hundred and twenty something acres of land, not so some people I know.
I know bout a case of land encroachment whichin woulda tek years to get resolve, de owner of de land serve notice to quit but de other party refuse to move, well one morning de galvanise sheets start to come down and get pelt into de neighbor yard, suddenly de land get reclaim and de matter get solve, easy so! Conflict resolved.
Certain conflicts easier to solve than others, over 50 years ago President Kennedy stare down de Russians over a missile plan fuh Cuba and overnight dem back down, if only we could solve de conflicts in de middle east just as easy, in fact we could, we got a man who claim he can solve anything and he want to be President of the de USA, Donald Trump got de solution to all of America’s issues and will solve most in de first three months in office. Lord help us!
Some matters are better solved through quiet diplomacy, de WICB fiasco with the Indian cricket board and de Guyana Venezuela issue come to mind.
Over de last few days somebody send de Vendor a video of a Guyanese man talking to de fella dat having an affair wid he girlfriend, I don’t know if de video is authentic or not but it was riveting, I gine ask my friend Dave Martins bout de validity of de video.
De man telephone de horner man and calmly lay out he case,” I know you been having sex wid my girlfriend for three years, I have even seen you two through the windows, now hear me brudder man, just listen to me good.I have a gun but I will not shoot you, what I propose is the following.I does have to buy pampers fuh de baby every month, money fuh flour fuh she to mek roti, a gallon of rice, cooking oil, cheese and other assorted items which I will forward to you.Then there is the matter of the light bill, the telephone bill and other utilities, just pay de bills and you can keep on having sex wid my girl,fair enough?” He then went on to offer to go out that evening so de fella could come over and suggested dat he would like to borrow the horner man’s car from time to time but reminded him not to forget to pay de bills and at de end of the video, he just look cool and relaxed and say dat is one set of stress gone!

Now i don’t know bout you but if I was de horner man, whichin I am not, I would not be coming over tonight or any other night, in fact all now I would be at Cheddi Jagan International airport looking fuh a one way ticket to Kabul, it got to be safer there!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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