Sunday, October 4, 2015

The More Things Change

I gine be clear from de outset, I was never a believer in de reparations fuh slavery argument, until I heard Sir Hilary Beckles lay out de case, de Vendor became a believer and felt it was sound and just, unfortunately de Brits do not agree, well at least not P.M. David Cameron and he mek it clear he is, quote, not looking back but moving forward, unquote!
And he mek dat statement pun de eve of departure fuh Jamaica pun an official visit, frankly speaking no amount of hugs and kisses from Portia can gloss over de issue and sweep it under de carpet. I always heard David, dat in order to know where yuh going,  yuh got to know where yuh coming from and while it might be uncomfortable fuh you, de fact is dat this matter of reparations cannot be conveniently swept under the carpet wid talk bout moving forward. In order to mover out of de garage every day, most drivers have to first reverse then go forward, in David Cameron world there is no reverse gear so yuh would simply knock down de garage wall, drive through de neighbour’s lot and head to work, not so? We appreciate when de Brits come bearing gifts, always welcome but Dave, de gifts you bringing today cannot replace de debt your country owe to de region.
A lot of de Holocaust was captured pun film and de world was appropriately horrified, part of de problem wid slavery is dat we didn’t have video to record de atrocities and to shock mankind into confronting dis awfully dark deed perpetrated pun innocent people. Come Dave, rethink yuh arguments, reverse and while doing so look back and come with a new approach, time to unlock de bank of England.
Then we have de Cahill Waste to Energy plant, reportedly it gine cost over $700 million dollars, some argue dat it bad fuh de environment, a whole movement spring up bout here and people signing de petition in de thousands, de public presentation from de Cahill people was far from convincing, having heard dat a deal was in de bag and allegedly signed off on by 4 Ministers, the P.M. has spoken and said in no uncertain terms dat there will be no deal until he signs off pun it and to date he has not done so! Another minister said something similar but it is what de P.M. had to say dat hit home. As old people say, time longer than twine!
Then Phil Simmons, recently appointed head coach of W.I. cricket, de man express he opinion bout team selection and de fact dat Bravo and Pollard get left out de team and dat outside interference was in play in de decision, and before he could say “sorry” he get suspend, in my world dat is de first step before dismissal, advice to Phil, see if Ralph Thorne Q.C. will tek yuh case, he can handle de likes of Cameron blindfolded and wid one hand tied behind he back!
Imagine dat WICB quick pun de draw to discipline poor Phil Simmons fuh expressing an opinion but no sanctions coming fuh de President fuh he role in de fiasco of de aborted W.I. tour to India which could end up costing WICB, $42M U.S. yuh mean nobody get fire fuh dat but yuh want to crucify a simple coach fuh he opinions? Talk bout double standards all round! In fact the President get rewarded with re-election.
I does tek comfort in de fact dat day does run till night catch it, FIFA is good example! Blatter, Jack and dat whole executive use to do as they wanted, dem was untouchable but today like de kaiso say, “they ducking!”
I market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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