Friday, November 6, 2015

De Birdie Brokes!

The Mighty Sparrow, Slinger Francisco, a.k.a.The Birdie, is broke! Market, what foolishness yuh talking, how in heaven’s name could de Birdie be broke? Eh, explain yuhself.
Well here we go, according to usually reliable sources, the Express newspaper of Trinidad and Tobago, Sparrow who was seriously ill for many months back in 2013 and was in a coma, is now insolvent, because of $2M (TT I presume) in medical bills whichin my girl Kamla allegedly promised to pay but did not do so before demitting office and now The Sparrow who obviously had to pay dese bills is flat broke, no dinero, no money!
The stated plan from de then P.M. and subsequently from de Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism was dat de government of TnT would pay the medical bills and also acquire a ten year lease of Sparrow’s memorabilia with de option to renew, thereby giving de Birdie a Hail Mary pass and providing a lifeline fuh de future. It was further agreed to honour him wid de country’s highest honour, de latter commitment was honoured but de former was not, so today as Trinis would say, “ah brokes!”
I gine presume dat Dr.Rowley, de current P.M. gine honour what Kams promised but didn’t deliver and dat de $2M TT in bills and de lease of his memorabilia gine go through, cause if yuh don’t do it “how it go look?”
But de Vendor still scratching he head wondering how a man like Slinger Francisco could end up so? I mean, in de context of real money $2M TT which crudely calculated comes to lil under $650,000Bds should not wipe out a fella like Slinger?
Did he not have any medical insurance and if not why not? He living in de USA and i always hear dat if yuh get sick in the USA and need hospitalization fuh a long period when yuh recover and yuh get de bill, yuh gine dead anyway so I woulda expect de Birdie to have medical Insurance or at least Obamacare, cause as I understand it dem can’t refuse you even if yuh have preexisting medical conditions!
But even iffing he didn’t, yuh mean to tell me dat a man who had mega hits from de 50s through six decades, vinyl hits, lps, 45rpms, CDs, videos, a man who won many Calypso competitions, including Dimanche Gras and road march titles, who win big money and earn big money, including motor cars, who toured de world and performed to capacity crowds wherever he went, who even had his own nightclub, who would have commanded and gotten guaranteed big money from promoters, a man who headlined the Barclays Calypso Monarch of the World show here in Bubbadus in 1988 could end up brokes?
Did he have money in Clico? Maybe he had an annuity and it didn’t mature, maybe he had bought shares in Lehman brothers or Sunbeach Communciations who had a mobile licence but never got off de ground? De mind boggles, ah hope he got some Banks Holdings shares!
So today he fate hanging in de balance, waiting pun de politicians to come to he rescue, it should never ever come to dat, he should never be humiliated to have to come to de public and declare “ah brokes” after all iffing dis is how de oil rich republic treat one of their icons ( yes I know he born Grenada) how a fella from John John gine get treat?
All men must bear responsibility fuh dem own destiny, mek sure to put down fuh de day de rain gine fall, get medical insurance fuh de big bills and watch how much yuh spend pun wine women and song!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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